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Rising on the planes

Nov 12, 2001 07:18 PM
by Steve Stubbs

Gerald mentioned Rising on the Planes, so I thought it
might make sense to say something about what it
consists of. The technique was developed in ancient
Palestine about 100 years BCE according to scholars. 
The original idea was that one could talk to God face
to face, the way Moses did. The problem was that if
one could talk to God face to face, then what did he
need the rabbis for? So for job security reasons it
was kept strictly secret for centuries. There is
plenty of documentary evidence that this technique was
known to Jesus Christ and was part of the esoteric
heritage of the early church, but they had the same
problrm the rabbis did. The author of The Book of
Revelation used it as the content of the book makes
clear, but of course Clement of Alexandria says he
used other methods as well, including fasting and
mantra chanting.

It was secret for more than 2,000 years, but was
exposed to the vulgar world by a fellow named Aleister
Crowley. I say this because Crowley is a disreputable
character, but the technique is not the messenger who
brings it. The technique was briefly described in
Crowley's magazine, THE EQUINOX, but the best
description is in his book MAGICK IN THEORY AND
PRACTICE which can be found on the Internet.

One caveat. In ancient times it was taught that this
experiment was not without an element of danger. In
the original Merkabah, the mystic rose through the
seven planetary spheres, which were imagined to
surround the earth in concentric circles. At each of
the seven he had to confront the angelic guardian, and
to gain entrance he had to present the guardian with a
sigil (a magical diagram) and a password. If he
failed to get past the guardian he was subject to
angelic attack. This is the esoteric significance of
the elements in the Garden of Eden story in which the
archangel appears as a serpent to bring about the
downfall of Adam and Eve, and in which an angel with a
sword giards the approaches to the garden after the
fall. The esoteric meaning is that the angels are not
always friendly to man. Anyone who wishes to work
with this must first therefore learn to protect
himself or herself against evil or hostile entities he
or she might encounter on the astral plane.

Unfortunately, this is necessary even if one is a
member of the Read Only School. These entities do not
attack only practicing mystics. Misfortunes which
people write off as merely the slings and arrows of
outrageous fortune can sometimes be caused to vanish
with the appropriate banishings. When this happens,
know that these misfortunes are the result of evil or
hostile entities and not mere happenstance. The
banishings are the way to find out which is which. It
is in any case of the utmost importance to understand
psychic self defense before Rising on the Planes.

Anyway, Crowley's book is incredibly lousy, but it is
free and it exposes some hitherto secret information,
some of which is very old. Bear in mind that he
betrayed a confidence and exposed this material to the
world, but he did not originate it, and his bad rep
therefore has nothing to do with the knowledge itself.
Readers who wish to know what Rising on the Planes is
all about can download his book and find out. Readers
who wish to practice would do well to take it in three

(1) Become proficient at banishings and protection
(2) Develop the astral form, or "body of light,"
(3) Rise on the Planes

In the Tibetan schools it is considered highly
desirable to develop and learn to control the astral
form before you die, so as to have something in which
to operate after death.

Proceed ... if you dare.

And if you do, let me know how it goes.


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