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Franz Hartmann's testimony about letters he received from the Mahatmas Part I

Nov 11, 2001 01:57 PM
by Blavatsky Archives

"One [letter] was from Mahatma K. H., handed to me by Damodar, who 
received it in my presence from the hands of the Astral form of a 
Chela; one letter, enclosed in a Tibetan envelope and written by 
another Mahatma, I found lying on my writing desk, when after a 
moment's absence I returned to my room; one letter written by a 
Chela, and approved by Mahatma K. H., I found in my tobacco box, 
which a moment before contained nothing but tobacco, and there was 
nobody visible in the room except Damodar and myself; one letter I 
found in a drawer, which contained no papers whatever when I opened 
it, but when I was about to close it, there lay the letter, and there 
was nobody in the room but myself."

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