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Franz Hartmann's testimony on letters he received from the Mahatmas Part 2

Nov 11, 2001 02:00 PM
by Blavatsky Archives

"These 'occult letters' were found occasionally in locked places, 
wherein they could not have arrived by any ordinary manner; soon they 
suddenly fell down from the ceiling of the room, or were laid on the 
table where at a previous moment nothing had laid there before. To be 
sure it even happened that one saw how a kind of mist emerged in the 
air and a written letter with an address on it developed and 
materialized. Also, direct writing occasionally appeared on the 
resting paper and all this did not happen pointlessly, or for the 
curious to be held in wonder, but had the aim of performing 
communications in order to convey orders and to give out advice." 
Quoted from

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