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More Testimony of Hartmann on the Masters

Nov 11, 2001 02:05 PM
by Blavatsky Archives

[Later] I [saw] Mahatma [Morya] in his astral form. He appeared to 
me, accompanied by the astral forms of two chelas. His presence left 
an exhilarating and elevating influence, which did not fade away 
until several days after. . . . 

The impaired health of Madame Blavatsky had rendered it desirable 
that she should have a change of air, and the physicians which were 
consulted, advised her to go to Europe, where Col. Olcott was called 
on account of some official business. . . .

Two days before Madame Blavatsky left, February 5th, 1884, I went 
unasked up to her room to speak with her in regard to Society matters.

After this conversation, the thought came in my mind to ask her 
opinion in regard to a certain subject of which I had been thinking. 
Madame Blavatsky advised me to apply to the [Master Morya] himself, 
to ask him mentally, and that the Master himself would answer my 
question. A few seconds later she said she felt his presence, and 
that she saw him writing. I must say that I too felt his influence 
and seemed to see his face, but of course this circumstance will 
carry conviction to no one but myself.

Just then another lady came in, to my great annoyance, and expressed 
her wish to have a pair of pincers, which was needed for some 
purpose, and remembering that I had such a pair of pincers in the 
drawer of my writing desk, I went downstairs into my room to get 
them. I opened the drawer, saw the pincers and a few other things in 
there, but no vestige of any letter, as I had removed my papers the 
day before to another place. I took the pincers and was about to 
close the drawer, when—there lay in the drawer a great envelope, 
addressed to me in the well-known handwriting of the Master and with 
the seal bearing his initials in Tibetan characters. On opening it, I 
found a long, very kind letter treating of the identical questions 
about which I had just been talking with Madame Blavatsky, besides 
giving a detailed and satisfactory answer to the very question which 
had so perplexed my mind, and a satistactory explanation of certain 
matters, which for some time had been foremost in my mind, but of 
which I had said nothing at all.

Moreover, there was in the same envelope a photograph, cabinet-size, 
of the Master's face, with a dedication to me at the back.

Now, if I know anything at all, I know that my drawer contained no 
such letter, when I opened it, and that there was nobody visible in 
my room at that time. The letter, giving a detailed answer to my 
question, must have been written, sealed and put into the drawer in 
less than four minutes, while it took exactly forty minutes to copy 
it the next day; and finally, it treated a very difficult problem in 
such an elaborate and yet concise manner, that only an intelligence 
of the highest order could have done the same. . . .

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