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Reading letters in sealed enveloped

Nov 11, 2001 06:20 PM
by Steve Stubbs

Dear all, including pro and anti Theosophists:

HPB claimed the ability to read letters in sealed
envelopes. There was a Major Buckley in England who
was endeavoring to teach people to do this very thing
in about 1850. There is little information about his
training methods, but he qualified students using a
simple test for natural clairvoyance. He did not work
with people who did not demo a natural clairvoyant
ability to begin with, a fact which dovetails neatly
with certain statements in the mahatma letters.

All I have been able to find out about Major Buckley
is from the following book:

William Gregory, MD, FRSE, Animal Magnetism, or
Mesmerism and its Phenomena. London: Nichols & Co.,

The first edition of this book was published in 1851,
so it would appear Major Buckley was in action about
the middle of the nineteenth century, which is the
exact time HPB was in England. Does anyone have any
more information about Major B, who may have been one
of HPB's hidden teachers of psychic ability?

Also, does anyone know of a book or other source on
how to read letters in sealed envelopes? Training


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