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Hartmann's The Talking Image of Urur

Nov 11, 2001 08:34 PM
by Blavatsky Archives

Brigitte wrote:

> I wonder why Daniel does not pas on the texst of Hartmann's "The 
> Talking Image of Urur", published in Lucifer by HPB.
> I am shure that Daniel Caldwell will be able to place this on a 
> for the listmember readerschip to read.

Brigitte, how should I pass on the text of this book?

The book edition is 307 pages. And it has been 
reprinted by Kessinger Publishing Company. Interested readers can no 
doubt purchase a copy via Barnes and

Please Brigitte if this book by Hartmann is so important to the 
present discussion of Hartmann and the Mahatma Letters, why don't you 
present a few choice paragraphs from this book that you think are 
relevant to what has been posted about Hartmann?

Daniel H. Caldwell

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