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Re: Theos-World Hartmann's The Talking Image of Urur

Nov 13, 2001 04:46 PM
by Dennis Kier


I doubt that you can get it at Barnes & Noble. Kessinger seems to be a
small independent publisher. I suspect that he only prints a book
after he gets an order. All pages of the books he publishes are
ink-jet paper, 8 1/2 by 11 inches, and sometimes he stuffs the boxes
(if you order more than one book) with the wrappers of reams of
ink-jet paper.

It appears that he has everything on computer, and sends the file to
the printer, as it is ordered. No matter how big or small the original
book was printed, Kessinger's reprint is on 8 1/2 by 11 paper, with a
white paper cover. They all appear to be photo copies of the original
books. I have seen about 8 different titles so far. He accepts no
personal checks.

He has an extensive inventory, many Theosophical books, and many
Masonic titles, also.

The story is fiction, of the type of story popularized by Bulwer

Check it out at


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Subject: Theos-World Hartmann's The Talking Image of Urur

> Brigitte wrote:
> > I wonder why Daniel does not pas on the texst of Hartmann's "The
> > Talking Image of Urur", published in Lucifer by HPB.
> >
> > I am shure that Daniel Caldwell will be able to place this on a
> link
> > for the listmember readerschip to read.
> Brigitte, how should I pass on the text of this book?
> The book edition is 307 pages. And it has been
> reprinted by Kessinger Publishing Company. Interested readers can
> doubt purchase a copy via Barnes and
> Please Brigitte if this book by Hartmann is so important to the
> present discussion of Hartmann and the Mahatma Letters, why don't
> present a few choice paragraphs from this book that you think are
> relevant to what has been posted about Hartmann?
> Daniel H. Caldwell
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