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Re: Theos-World Tragic news of another plane crash in New York

Nov 13, 2001 04:46 PM
by Dennis Kier

Greed, I suppose!

They have parachutes for Space Shuttles, Russian Space Capsules, and
people, but none for airliners. Airliners often get into trouble, and
when they go down, they go fast down enough to kill the people inside.
It seems to me that 4 or 5 parachutes attached to strategic places on
an airplane's structure might stabalize and slow the airplane to the
point that the people could survive, even though the aircraft would
not be usable again.

The parachutes could deploy something like airbags in cars, and/or
could be deployed at the press of a button by the pilot. After a pilot
has lost control of an aircraft, wouldn't he wish to survive the

Why is it their attitude that if they lose their airplane, they don't
care what happens to the passengers, as well as the flight crew?


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Subject: Theos-World Tragic news of another plane crash in New York

> There was another plane crash in New York a little while ago. The
plane, an
> A-300 air bus with around 246 passengers on board, was taking off
> J.F.Kennedy airport bound for the Dominican Republic, thus laden
with fuel.
> The cause is still unknown.
> Sad news - and reminds one of the tragedies going on all over the
world at
> the moment.
> best wishes to all,
> ...Peter
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