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Nov 02, 2001 06:17 AM
by dalval14

Friday, November 02, 2001

Dear Friends:
RE: HUMAN RIGHTS and personal or communal BIASES.

Let us be clear. No "bias" is accepted by any one, unless they
take this kind of "labeling" as a substitute for their own
careful analysis of a subject or a question, or a situation. Its
what I would call a "quickie" definition -- which really makes no
sense at all, and probably, is quite unfair to the Individual.
it does not man that one knows anything in depth concerning those
that we "bias."

Generalities gloss over the specifics of the INDIVIDUAL. It is
the Individuals who make up the "mass," and not the reverse.
But, where did those "Individuals" come from, so that a
generality (or a "mass") is created? Is their existence
different from ours, basically? Are such definitions faithful,
honest and true to those we are characterizing ?

It is the Individuals who investigate their BEING, and the REASON
WHY THEY EXIST. But this is done one at a time, each for
himself., is it not ?

They also investigate their environment with a view to
discovering the relationships already in place -- this kind of
study is not a "quickie," but is a prolonged process that demands
assiduity and care, as well as perseverance, tolerance, and a
vast stability which discrimination from a SPIRITUAL BASE alone
can give.

So we have questions:

What is the REAL MAN? Body, Soul, or SPIRIT ?

Is Man SPIRIT, or MATTER, or both?

What is Intelligence and Consciousness? Where do they reside?
Are they called the "Soul?"

Are they the "Mind?"

Do they control, or does the Real Man control them? [If we can
change our mind, then we are the controller of the mind ?]

What kind of vehicles, sheaths, principles does the Real Man use
to contact and experience earthly events. [If theosophy claims
there are 6, then why are they necessary? Is there a line of
transmission that has to be used, just as there is a gear chain
between engine and wheels in a car?

Is there Intelligence in an atom ? How would that be defined.?
Is it unitary? Is it modifiable? How then, is it modified? Who
does, or permits, the modifications?

If Science views the atoms as "perpetual motion machines," and
endows them with a life, a purpose, and an immortality of their
own -- Can an Atom living since the "beginning," accumulate
intelligence and become, eventually, a "human Atom?" Are the
WISE "super-human" atoms?"

Can a Human become a Divinity (or a WISE SAGE) ? -- in the sense
that he is able to acquire infinite and precise Knowledge ? Is
such a grand condition something that enables WISDOM ? What kind
of Power does such an entity employ? Is it selfish or used for

What are WE? What are WE doing? Are WE molding our own future?
If so, then, How ?

What we call "Christian values" -- are they to be identified with
those that Jesus taught in the SERMON ON THE MOUNT ?

How are those different from Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist,
Confucian, Shinto, or any other religion (when regarded from the
original and core teachings of the Prophet who made himself
responsible for their origination)? Can we makeup a list of
comparisons ? Do they show similarities or differences?

Is the problem with Religion, which professes to give
ethico-moral instruction that the original teachings are all
similar, but the sectarian views and dogmas originated AFTER the
original teachings were issued to real problem that has separated
the "religions" from one another ? is he priests and the padres,
etc.. , who have made of religion a business the real problem?

Best wishes as always,



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From: Eldon B Tucker
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At 03:13 PM 11/2/01 +1030, you wrote:

>So Under article One - as a rastafarian am I still allowed to
partake of
>my spiritual herb the illegal Cannabis Sativa?
>Article 1 contradicts the ban on SOMA.



Despite the attempt to allow general freedoms, there's
an obvious bias in America, and elsewhere, based upon
the religious and philosophical views of those that rule.

There's an effort to keep things fair and open in
America, but I can think of examples where traditional
Christian values affect things. One is with the Mormons,
which would be for polygamy. Having multiple wives in
Arab states may be allowed, but not in America. I'm
sure we could think of more examples.

Even though selected freedoms are disallowed, in
balance, I think things are fairly good. Depending
upon someone's interests and background, they may
or may not agree with me. But I think most people
would prefer life here to life in some other large
state like China or Russia.

-- Eldon

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