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Fwd: W. Emmett Small - memorial

Nov 02, 2001 06:18 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

>From: "Ken Small" <>
>Subject: W. Emmett Small - memorial
>Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 22:24:14 -0800
>(from the San Diego Union, Thursday, November 1, 2001
>W. Emmett Small, 98; committed to sharing tenets of Theosophy
>By Jack Williams
> From the height of the theosophy movement in San Diego to its 
> subsequent division into opposing factions, W. Emmett Small remained 
> firmly committed to sharing its tenets of universal brotherhood.
> The dean of San Diego theosophists, he grew up and was schooled in 
> the moement's 400 acre headquarters on Point Loma. Many years later, as 
> president of Point Loma Publications, he published and edited books on 
> theosophy and world religions.
> Disabled by a fall in August and kidney failure, Mr. Small died Oct. 
> 25 at San Diego Hospice. He was 98.
> Since its inception in 1971, the nonprofit Point Loma Publications 
> has published more than 50 books, said Mr. Small's wife, Carmen, who has 
> taken over as president.
> For Mr. Small's 80th birthday, his family published a collection of 
> articles he had written on theosophical topics, "The Path of Self Unfoldment".
> "Emmett was a scholar," his wife said. "He loved to read, wrte and 
> study. He wrote numerous aticles throughout his life and spoke at 
> conferences around the world on theosophical topics."
> Among them: karma, reincarnation, the purpose of life and following 
> one's highest duty.
> Founded in New York City in 1875, the theosophy movement embraces a 
> universal brotherhood that extends from people to plants and planets.
> By the early 1920's, it was thriving in a 100 building complex on 400 
> acres in Point Loma called Lomaland, where theosophists worked, schooled 
> their children and staged concerts and plays.
> Mr. Small moved there with his family as a 2 year old. He studied at 
> the Theosophical Raja Yoga Academy, learned to play cello, clarinet and 
> piano and acted in Shakespearean plays in the complex's Greek Theater.
> As a young man, he became assistant secretary general of the Point 
> Loma Theosophical Society. For 16 years, he edited and contributed 
> articles to various publicatoins published by the society.
> In May 1942, the headquarters moved from Point Loma to Covina. But 
> friction among members broke the movement into factions. "When the 
> administration changed, it no longer was possible for us to work there," 
> Carmen Small said.
> Returning to San Diego with his family in July 1946, Mr. Small did 
> gardening and maintenance work before beginning a career in techinical 
> writing and teaching adult education classes in English and creative writing.
> From 1946 until the mid-1980's, he was active in the Robert Browning 
> Society, at one time serving as its president.
> After retiring at 65, he became a mentor to aspiring authors. When 
> Iverson Harris founded Point Loma Publications in 1971, he launched a new 
> career as an editor.
> For more than 20 years, he teamed with Helen Todd in editing "The 
> Eclectic Theosophist", a bimonthly international newsletter. He also 
> edited and wrote introductions to a variety of books, including a 
> Sanskrit text used in university courses and a book on Tibetan Buddhims 
> by Lama Doboom Tulku.
> As a memorial to Mr. Small, his family is hoping to publish a 
> compilation of treatises from various authors on such topics as karma, 
> reincarnation, evolution and the interdependence of life. The title they 
> have selected in "The Seven Jewels of Wisdom".
> Survivors include his wife of 61 years, Carmen; duaghters Gren Small 
> of San Diego and Clare Nugent-Small of Fairfield, Iowa; and a son, 
> Kenneth of San Diego.
> Services are shcedulrted for 2 pm Saturday at Point Loma Nazarene 
> University, Clara Colt Hall, 3900 Lomaland Drive, San Diego.
> Donations are suggested to Point Loma Publications, P.O.Box 6507, 
> San Diego, Ca. 92166, or to San DIego Hospice, 4311 Third Ave., San 
> Diego, CA. 92103.

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