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RE: Re: theosophy AND THE PRESENT VIEWS OF: TS, ULT, Krishnamurti & Besant

Nov 02, 2001 06:17 AM
by dalval14

Friday, November 02, 2001

Thanks Joe

But seriously, the things I write are not worthy of being

It, Theosophy, the original writings of H P B, ought to be
studied for their proximity to what the Masters ( the Elder
Brothers) offer to us who are struggling to become wiser.

They write that they have broken the "silence of centuries." I
think that is most significant.

If we desire to progress along Their "Path," this time is
opportune. As to the value of their teaching and advice look at
what is said in The SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. 1, pp 272 on -- the
numbered points -- up to p. 300. All that is most important in
my esteem.

All I do is to try to direct attention to those writings and that
value. As in themselves they are impersonal statements of Law
and of events in our past -- in which if reincarnation is a fact,
and the karma of our choices follows us around (and is
unavoidable) and if we are all IMMORTALS at core, we have
participated in that past -- in other words, we are now meeting
ourselves, as the objects we visualized and created in a remote

In this design (today named THEOSOPHY) one sees ourselves as
actors, who on this stage, are meeting the effects of the
decisions we made in an earlier Scene or an earlier "Play." [ H
P B uses this analogy (in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY) in regard to the
process of the change in our Personalities, as we reincarnate
from age to age. ]

As I understand it: It is not the personal detail that matters
much, but, rather, the principles on which the Real WE bases our
"free" decisions here and now.

We have such great potential power, each of us, that we ought to
learn all we can about it and how to use it..

Since Brotherhood carries the widest and most potent of concepts,
making the world and humanity our kin, we need to do away with
any concept of "strangers" or of "difference."

We ought to consider our Karmic "opportunity" now -- we can still
get H P B's writings in their ORIGINAL FORM.

So we have a karmic connection with this resurgence of the great
and universal THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT. Will we profit from that,
or neglect it ? This question is to us all, individually. We
alone can answer it, to ourselves.

I am putting some further notes below.

Best wishes,



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From: Joe F----n
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2001 10:34 PM
Subject: Re: THEOSOPHY and the present views of: TS, ULT,
Krishnamurti & Besant

You took a tongue in cheek comment way too seriously. I like
Sufi stories.
No need to "satisfy" me. I enjoy very much reading your quite
discources. The only thing further is perhaps for one or two
BNet people to
take your postings and compile a book out of them. Your
explanations of
Theosophy would probably be at least as useful as Barborka's
"Divine Plan"
to Theosophical student.


DTB	Not necessary -- better to study the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB)
or the OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY -- they contain the real "stuff" for
all of us. In writing, I try to pass on what I have gathered

Then there is ISIS UNVEILED and The SECRET DOCTRINE and all of H
P B's articles -- enough to engage any student in a half century
of work and study.

The VOICE OF THE SILENCE deserves special attention, as it places
the metaphysics and the logic of Theosophy on the stage of
practice. This makes for the full measure of the "Heart
Doctrine" as opposed to literalism which is arid and takes the
student no further than the dictionary translation of words. The
Practical Application which any one can adopt if convinced it is
valuable is of far greater value than and amount of
"Head-Learning," and "book reading."

1.	If, reincarnation is a fact, then we ought to take advantage
of all this information being currently available.

2.	If we live many lives, we owe it to our SELVES to take this
literature and these ideas seriously and try to verify their
reasonableness and accuracy.

3.	If we desire to assist Nature in her works, this gives us an
opening view of their complex extent. It also enables us to make
an independent and impersonal evaluation of our own character and
capacities. That enables us to take action.

4.	If we at present mainly interested in our own "progress," then
the view that Theosophy presents might enable us to place our
"progress" in its more universal and wider settings. We can
never completely isolate ourselves.

Best wishes,



Take care,



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