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RE: Theos-World time to review how theos-talk operates

Nov 02, 2001 06:17 AM
by dalval14

One could add to Leon's characterization:

THEOSOPHY gives any inquiring mind a wider scope than our several
Sciences and Philosophies do. [I do not include Religions,
unless one is willing to go back to the original presentations,
and eliminate from consideration all subsequent sectarianism.]

Theosophy is a presentation of the main rules, laws and purposes
of NATURE (by Nature the UNIVERSE and our Earth is meant).

Incidentally. Our physical body considered in terms of atoms,
molecules and cells -- and the larger interactive life-giving
cooperative structures, taken as a whole is analogous to a
miniature Universe. But our "Intelligence" and sense of Egoity,
is consciousness individualized by our own efforts. It starts
with the SPIRIT RAY within each of us. It recognizes its
"incarnation" into a series of inter-related vehicles (like
"Chinese boxes") which give our physical being its Central
Intelligence, is Mind, and its many follies and ignorances.

Non-Theosophy is ignorance, speculation, folly, delusion, and,
generally, the placing of our Personality foremost in an area
where there is far more ignorance than wisdom.

Best wishes,



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>As I've stated to those who have contacted me privately - Where
do you
>draw a line between theosophy and non-theosophy?

leonmaurer writes:

When you start dealing with partisan politics, personal opinions,
and character assassination.


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