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RE: [bn-sd] Stanza III Sloka 5 -- S D I 68-9

Nov 01, 2001 03:41 AM
by dalval14

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Dear Peter:

You ask for comments on the following pages. S D I 68-9

This, as I understand, is high metaphysics.

And we, as intelligent, independent, human minds, are trying at
present to account for our presence here as DUAL EGOS, living in
a physical body which is always changing (as new atoms flow in
and out of it), yet, it gives us a sense of continuity and
bridges the gap of unconsciousness we call sleep, trance,
unconsciousness, etc... (We are not sure about the bridging of
the gap of death, as we do not recollect with our newly formed
brain stuff in this life, the memory pictures of past personal
lives -- though rare persons seem to be able to do this either
partially or wholly.) Curiously we accept the fact that our
consciousness is continuous, but the vehicles for that
Consciousness (WE) in the past are indistinct insofar as memory
goes. [But, they can be inferred, since the variations we notice
from birth in humanity indicate some past experience and either
gain or loss of aptitudes.]

The phrase I use DUAL EGOS may seem very strange, but it is a
tenet of Theosophy that resident in each human embodiment there
is also a kind of TUTOR -- a SPIRITUAL EGO (or MONAD) which has
between pp. 66 and 78, [BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH) Vol.
10, pp 252-266] will be found the necessary hints on this
explained as an active process. In The SECRET DOCTRINE [ S D I
130, II 79, 103, 109-110, 167, 241-3 ] will be found additional
statements relative to this curious but important fact. This
reinforces the concept of cooperation and brotherhood conducted
on an educative level which is profoundly mystical, but also
illustrates the "hands-off" attitude that a "tutor" such as is
the HIGHER SELF observes in regard to the "monad of lesser
experience" or, our present waking consciousness that rules our
embodied lives daily.

These two Egos, variously named, but generally embodying
characteristics that cause us to call them: [the Higher SELF
(Virtuous), and the Lower self (vicious and selfish)], interact
in and through our personal and environmental Karma,
Reincarnation and the method of will-use we can direct to
actively accelerate the process of becoming consciously Wise --
and thus learn how to bridge the gap of unconsciousness we call
sleep and death., by a CONSCIOUSNESS that is never eclipsed.

Primarily, as I see it, since we are all beginners at this level
of commencement studies. we seek to establish who or what the
"WE," the PERCEIVER, the CHOOSER and the "student" are. Since
these are non-physical "beings, forces, powers," we call them
"subjective," or say they are interior and provable only to our
own power of conception and proving.

(a) IS ONE (b).


OEAOHOO is a sound rather than a word or term, and as it is all
vowels, it seems to me to signify the entirety of the embodied
Spirit at the highest level -- comparable to the A U M of ancient

It forms, I think, the APEX of the Triangle above the 4 planes as
illustrated in S D I 200 diagram.

In manifestation it is the "starting-point." The DIVINE
UNIVERSAL MONAD. As such it contains the Male impulse (positive)
and the female (negative) form provider -- out of the primordial
matter pole of the Monad.


(a) OEAOHOO is rendered "Father-Mother of the Gods" in the
Commentaries, or
the SIX IN ONE, or the septenary root from which all proceeds.


DTB Outside of manifestation (or if preferred, BEFORE
manifestation as known to us), is the ABSOLUTE. Concerning this
none of our speculations, which are based on the limits of our
plane of matter and its associated perceptions will be accurate.
The FINITE cannot define the INFINITE.

Therefore Theosophy and the S D recommends that we not speculate.
But, it does not leave us up in the air. It says that everything
that exists (anywhere and in any condition) is the exact result
(under KARMA) of some CAUSE.

In manifestation the Universal ATMAN is said to split into
innumerable "rays" and each of these forms one pole of a Monad

These Monads have no dimensions in our level of Time/Space, but
they reflect their energy into various levels of "matter" and
corresponding "forms" (all illusory because temporary) appear..

For instance a molecule, a grain of sand, a human body, a planet
such as our Earth, a Sun, such as any STAR, are all temporary
(and ever shifting, ever changing forms) in limited TIME..

But in terms of ETERNITY AND REALITY they are all "appearances of
the MONAD which generated them. The spiritual verities and
program are embedded in the eternal AKASA (the highest, 7th,
aspect of the ASTRAL LIGHT .)

To make it more complicated, an aspect of the CONSCIOUSNESS
innate to the Monad takes up residence in each "form." One might
compare this to MIND, which being present there as a mid-way
position, it is enabled to PERCEIVE Spirit and Matter and their
countless interactions.

In this Verse it is said that 6 "forms" are synthesized in ONE --
the ATMA.


All depends upon the accent given to these seven vowels, which
may be pronounced as one, three, or even seven syllables by
adding an e after the letter "o." This mystic name is given out,
because without a thorough mastery of the triple pronunciation it
remains for ever ineffectual.

(b) This refers to the Non-Separateness of all that lives and has
its being,
whether in active or passive state. In one sense, Oeaohoo is the
Root of All"; hence, one with Parabrahmam; in another sense it is
a name for
the manifested ONE LIFE, the Eternal living Unity. The "Root"
means, as
already explained, pure knowledge (Sattva),* eternal (Nitya)
reality or SAT (Satya), whether we call it Parabrahmam or
Mulaprakriti, for
these are the two aspects of the ONE. The "Light" is the same
Spiritual Ray, which has entered and now fecundated the Divine
Egg, and
calls cosmic matter to begin its long series of differentiations.
The curds
are the first differentiation, and probably refer also to that
cosmic matter
which is supposed to be the origin of the "Milky Way" -- the
matter we know.
This "matter," which, according to the revelation received from
the primeval
Dhyani-Buddhas, is, during the periodical sleep of the Universe,
of the
ultimate tenuity conceivable to the eye of the perfect
Bodhisattva -- this
matter, radical and cool, becomes, at the first reawakening of
motion, scattered through Space; appearing, when seen from the
Earth, in
clusters and lumps, like curds in thin milk. These are the seeds
of the
future worlds, the "Star-stuff."

[Footnote] -------------------------------------------------

* The original for Understanding is Sattva, which Sankara
(acharya) renders
antahkarana. "Refined," he says, "by sacrifices and other
operations." In the Katha, at p. 148, Sattva is said by Sankara
to mean
buddhi -- a common use of the word. ("The BHAGAVAT GITA with The
Sanatsugatiya and The "Anugita," translated by Kashinath Trimbak
M.A.; edited by Max Muller.) Whatever meaning various schools may
give the
term, Sattva is the name given among Occult students of the
Aryasanga School
to the dual Monad or Atma-buddhi, and Atma-buddhi on this plane
to Parabrahm and Mulaprakriti on the higher plane.

(SD I 68-69)


I think that the hints H P B gives to the rest of her explaining
are suggestive enough of the kind of careful study (using the
THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY) each one of us has to discipline himself
to take.

Best wishes,



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As we continue on with Stanza III, this next sloka expresses the
truth of both existence and non-existence i.e. "the
Non-Separateness of all
that lives and has its being, whether in active or passive

Your comments and questions are welcome. One way to actively
engage in the
study material offered is to look up related material in other
parts of the Secret Doctrine (or other works by HPB, The Mahatma
etc) and bring it together here. First find the related material,
then we can see if it will throw any light on the current sloka.


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