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THEOSOPHY == How H P B relates to it. WHO WAS/IS H P B ?

Nov 01, 2001 04:36 AM
by dalval14

Saturday, October 27, 2001

Re: Theosophic Fundamentalism and H P B

Some inquiries have arisen in recent days concerning the nature
of "fundamentalism" in Theosophy. -- Is there any such thing?

Is Theosophy a changing set of ideas and principles?


Is Theosophy, as presented by H P B, a statement of facts
in Nature?

Here are some views offered for consideration:


THEOSOPHY and H P B as a "Messenger"


Theosophy is a puzzle to some: it seems to cover so much. It
demands that an ethical balance be maintained in all affairs and
decisions. "All of it can be demonstrated to is "a
great body of philosophical, scientific and ethical doctrine,
forming the basis and origin of all similar thought...known as
the "Wisdom Religion." It was "always taught by Adepts or
Initiates, who preserve it through all time."


These great Men, the Brothers, (Adepts, Initiates, Masters of
Wisdom, Mahatmas, Dhyanis, Rishis, etc...) are they the wise
professors the guides and flowers of the human race? Can we
trust their Teachings?


The modern man sensing that he has been so far provided in his
education with partial and even inaccurate information, has a
gnawing desire to see if he can discover any greater truth about
his living and the quality of support that Nature affords him or

He wants to know if he is really free. This innate desire causes
him to test the parameters of the conditions and the "laws" he
finds he is constrained to.

1. If he is free, is he responsible -- in case he does harm
to others?

2. If he is constrained by Law or Laws, how can he
ascertain if those are fair and just. In any case: -- is he a
slave or a Prince?


In the night of Time, far long ago, They, the Wise Ones of the
Race of earlier Humanities, formed a Brotherhood. They were
taught by older and still wiser "Fathers," and "Builders" of the
continually recreated Universe. This process of the Elders
assisting the younger, is said to be universal and immemorial.
No constraints or obligations are placed on students by their
predecessors. The offer to explain, share experience, and
instruct is one which has no price. Wisdom cannot be bought and


According to The SECRET DOCTRINE [ Vol. I, p. 207-8] The elders
of our Race studied first that which intelligent NATURE had
established, and the instructions that their "Fathers" had passed
down to them.. They say that what we know of as THEOSOPHY is the
result of this study and verification. They offer us information
and the means to prove the accuracy of this for ourselves.


They found that a three pronged system , a three level process of
development, was in place, and impartially maintained by
Nature -- so that in a system where there was invariable and a
universal opportunity to progress from ignorance to wisdom, each
being had the same opportunities. This system is:--

1. the SPIRITUAL, a true and real, and IMMORTAL basic and
uniform for all,.

2. the INTELLECTUAL, employing all the faculties of the mind
and psychic nature, and

3. the PHYSICAL, or, the "forms of physical matter," -- the
assemblies of actual "vehicles," needed to carry and allow Spirit
and Mind to manifest on any plane of matter. This included the
progressive evolution and development of the mind and psychic
nature of every human. This development had to self generated
and self-controlled -- allowing for the free development of
Spiritual consciousness in those vehicles. Free choice for all
members of humanity was a pre-requisite for the intelligent
development of the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS (also called the HIGHER
SELF) in each of the many units.

These 3 were his (the Spiritual REAL MAN's) "lining" in our type
of matter. They demonstrate the quality of support that NATURE,
as a totally sensitive and supportive Presence, offers to all
levels of developing INTELLIGENCE in all its myriads degrees of
differentiations. In other words, our spiritual and mental Egoity
once animated and resided in an atom, then progressively: a
grain of sand, a plant, an animal, and now uses a human form.
>From here the possibility of becoming DIVINE rests in Mans' free

Patanjali, an ancient sage who wrote about the development of the
mind and the spiritual nature in man said: "The Universe exists
for the purpose of the Soul's development and experience."

In the "Bhagavad Gita" we find Krishna ( a name given to the
UNIVERSAL PRESERVATIVE aspect of Nature) saying: "I am the EGO,
seated in the heart of all beings. I am the beginning, the
middle and the end of all existing things... In mankind I am the
Manas (mind)..."


The Brotherhood of the WISE decided, as primary task, to be
"concerned with the soul development of man." This evolutionary
development includes every process of evolution, and all beings,
on all planes, visible and invisible.


They hold that humanity (which is Divine in its innate essence)
is capable of infinite perfection. This Brotherhood of the WISE,
resides on Earth, but is generally unknown.. They claim that
there is a single body of wisdom, of knowledge of the Laws of
Nature. It has been known by many names in the past, and lately,
as Theosophy (theos: godlike, and sophia: wisdom).

This ancient Lodge declared that H P B was their "Messenger."

Under the Karma of the race and of our Earth it was time to
present again to mankind, in our technological and scientific age
the unifying principles that all could understand as already
operating in themselves. They pointed to the "moral Universe"
that unites and underlies the visible physical. We find they

"...imperfect as may be our visible agent...yet, she [HPB] is the
best available at present, and her phenomena have for about half
a century astounded and baffled some of the cleverest minds of
the age." MAHATMA LETTERS, pp. 9-10 (Barker

"After nearly a century of fruitless search, our chiefs had to
avail themselves of the only opportunity to send out a European
body upon European soil to serve as a connecting link between
that country and our brother M. made to you through her
a certain had but to accept it, and at any time you
liked, you would have had for an hour or more, the real
baitchooly to converse with, instead of the psychological cripple
you generally have to deal with now." M L 203-4

"On the 17th of November next [1882] the septenary term of trial
given the Society at its foundation [1875] in which to discreetly
"preach us" will expire. One or two of us hoped that the world
had so far advanced intellectually, if not intuitionally, that
the Occult doctrine might gain an intellectual acceptance, and
the impulse given for a new cycle of occult research....consent
was given for the trial. It was stipulated, however, that the
experiment should be made independently of our personal
management; that there should be no abnormal interference by

So casting about we found in America the man to stand as
leader--a man of great moral courage, unselfish, and having other
good qualities. He was far from being the best, but...he was the
best available. With him we associated a woman of most
exceptional and wonderful endowments. Combined with them she had
strong personal defects, but just as she was, there was no second
to her living fit for this work. We sent her to America, brought
them together--and the trial began. From the first both he and
she were given to clearly understand that the issue lay entirely
with themselves. And both offered themselves for the trial...

For 6 1/2 years they have been struggling against such odds as
would have driven off any one who was not working with the
desperation of one who stakes life and all he prizes on some
desperate supreme effort. Their success has not equaled the
hopes of their original backers, phenomenal as it has been in
certain directions.

In a few more months the term of probation will end. If by that
time the status of the Society as regards ourselves -- the
question of the "Brothers" be not definitely settled (either
dropped out of the Society's programme or accepted on our own
terms) that will be the last of the "Brothers" of all shapes and
colors, sizes or degrees. We will subside out of public view
like a vapour into the ocean. Only those who have proved
faithful to themselves and to Truth through everything, will be
allowed further intercourse with us..." M L, pp. 263-4


The foundational teachings rest on the UNKNOWN principle. It is
not to be defined. Information concerning IT is indefinable in
terms using comparisons familiar to us. Yet, IT is the universal
substratum of all. It IS, and IT is in ALL THINGS and BEINGS.
"There is not one finger's breadth of void Space, in the whole
Boundless (Universe)...." [S D I, p. 289]


The whole universe is alive and active in seven ways and on seven
planes, all cooperative and interactive. Spirit is its highest
aspect in manifestation. Matter is the pole opposite to Spirit,
but has the same origin. Together they are the Monad in
FRAGMENTS EACH A monad and each the mirror of all the rest.

The MONAD (Spirit / Matter in Evolution)

This Monad embodying a fragment (or "Ray of the Whole") is in
every human Monad. It manifests through those who "permit it to
do so." ..." The refusal to permit it to do so is the cause of
all sin, suffering and sorrow." This is the exercise of
FREE-WILL and it is present in every human.. Nature is the
infinite and tender Mother that provides all living things with
their needs, yet it can only exist with definite laws of charity
and adjustment which are expressions of brotherhood in merciful
and compassionate, and intelligent action.


The Perfectibility of the Individual, and ultimately, of the Race
of human Monads, constantly provides the "Brotherhood of the
Wise" with new members,. As such, they enter, only to assume a
position of responsibility and assistance to the Laws (karmic
activity) of Nature,.

They continue to widen and deepen their consciousness and take on
additional responsibilities. Their influence is for the
universal and impartial, brotherly, and charitable "good" in the
government of all... "This offers a sublime concept of aim, and
purpose for living. It agrees with the basic yearnings of the
soul, and it destroys pessimism and despair."


The Monad in Man is a Conscious Spirit, and in him are conjoined
Spirit, Matter and Mind. His responsibility when he ascends to
the human stage is to assist those Monads who form "matter." They
are at a lower stage in the universal program of evolution.
They receive this influence as an assistance in purifying
themselves, and rising to be the conscious vehicle of the
Spiritual "Ray" already present in them. To do this, the Monad
that becomes human has to get into "touch with all planes of


In Nature, as in Man, the 7 principles, show that the
INDIVIDUALITY (or Divine Man) is a trinity, a thinker. It passes
from one "4-fold house" to the next (PERSONALITY is the name of
the "mask" that bears it). By the process of reincarnation, in
successive embodiments, its continuity provides for its enjoyment
or suffering according chosen deeds, thoughts, desires and words
made freely in the past by it.

The spiritual man is immortal and has always existed.. In him is
embodied the law of cause and effect. He is Karma. In one life
he is known as a Personality, but, in the stretch of eternity he
is one Individual, independent of name, form, or recollection."

"Each man's life and character are the outcome of his previous
lives and thoughts. Each is his own judge, his own
executioner...each, by his own life reaches his reward, rises to
the heights of knowledge...and power of good for all. Nothing is
left to chance, or partiality, but all is under the governance of
law....His own spirit is the essence of this LAW. Right ethics
are ever the same: Universal Brotherhood."


This will not be the first nor the last time that we bring our
personality into rebirth

Reincarnation is designed under Karma to assist the Personality
(the Monad that is inexperienced, and which is presently under
tuition) in its struggle to become an INDIVIDUALITY -- an
eternal, self-conscious SPIRITUAL BEING. And, this means
becoming a Brother to all beings. Nature accepts no selfishness
or self-indulgence., and tolerates no violence done to another.
This is the ultimate and invariable LAW.

As a part of the process, the embodied spiritual INDIVIDUALITY is
always present -- as a model, as an actual inspiration to the
Personality. Its "voice" is the "Conscience," and the

PERSONALITY -- What is it ?

What is our "personality ?" Theosophy teaches that it is made up
of the :"aggregates," of Monadic Immortals who are at the
beginning of their respective pilgrimages. They are not yet
individually and independently "conscious." They have been
called our "younger Brothers." They provide us with our "form
and our invisible 'vehicles' -- astral body, life force, desires,
lower Mind. We could call them our Karmic Skandhas --we
attracted them and imprinted them with our will and desires. In
effect this imprint served to weld them to us under Karma. Many
were thus created by us in our past lives, and the immediate past
of this life.

Among them one may assume that there is one which stands at the
forefront of the "material, personal evolution" and serves as a
focus for the essential lower-mind, [or "Kama-Manasic"] link to
the Spiritual Divine EGO -- our HIGHER SELF, the divine MONAD.

Observing our own character, capacity and nature may we not
legitimately ask: "Are these links pure, perfect, anxious to
observe the LAW in us ? If not, we ought to find out what our
real situation is, as an embodied Mind.


Theosophy states that the process of self-development and
self-reform exists as a part of Nature's program, and, as the
only honorable means for the self-determined progress of the
"Monad of lesser experience," that we call our "Personality?"

Considering this broadly, do we not witness here a universal
program of evolution towards a spiritual and an actual
brotherhood of all Nature ? Theosophy states that through it,
the whole mass of manifested matter, may also be raised to a
higher stage along the common "Path" to Sublime Perfection. Is
"brotherhood" not a practical method of brotherly assistance
offered directly to "matter (or the 'form')" by every indwelling
Spirit ?


Would it not be possible to reflect on the nature of Theosophy --
as the accumulated experience -- wisdom -- of our past and the
past of everyone -- BUDDHI. Theosophy holds that it is and
states that the "Akasa" is the permanent and ineffaceable record
of the entire past. Ours and that of every Monad is included
there -- immortally.

Might we not consider that the literature OF THEOSOPHY, which the
Brothers have offered us through H P B, is the record of their
research into Nature and her Laws?

Could it be an expression of the Wisdom which could be brought
to our attention at this time? Is it possible that the concept
of impersonal and universal brotherhood is the sole basis, and
that an important aspect of this offering is contained in the
statement that there will never be any infringement on the free
choice of any one?

Since Theosophical living is something expressed as "principles"
and, Karma, can it not possibly be considered as an attempt to
give us, each independently, an impetus, a good reason, for the
self-reform our own Lower nature ? It could be treated as an
educational opportunity given by Those who are ahead of, and
wiser than we yet are on the Path to Spiritual vision and living.
It is, therefore, for us to consider, and we are we not freely
able to use this information, to improve and guide ourselves out
of some difficulties we may have created for ourselves in the
past. ?



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