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Re: Theos-World Re: Re: Re: forcing democracy upon other countries

Oct 31, 2001 04:48 PM
by Dennis Kier

From: Katinka Hesselink
Subject: Theos-World Re:
Re: Re: forcing democracy upon other countries

> I will, as usual, put my comments in between yours.

When you do that, it is easier to read if you put in one or two spaces
between the other person's comments, and yours.

> Well, seems to me that boycotting the UN-decisionmaking
> process is a way of showing that you (the US, not you
> personally) don't take the idea seriously that there is
> going to be a world-wide government with power over
> everybody, even the US. Or, in fact, that the US is afraid
> to hand over power to the UN, because it would like to
> remain supreme as a superpower, instead of realizing that
> we have to become some sort of global democracy. (because
> democracy, if not ideal, is yet the best alternative).

We do have a Constitution here in the U.S., which gives certain powers
to the elected representatives. It protects us from abuses of a power
grab at times by unelected bureaucrats. We lose that in the forum of
the United Nations, where a group of unfriendly smaller nations, ruled
by unelected dictators, can outvote the U.S. and impose dictitorial
edicts upon the people here.

Here, the people have the power, and give limited amounts of it to the
various levels of government. That is all wiped out with the U.N. We
have a right to keep our national Sovereigenty without having it
over-ruled by some unelected bureaucrat. We don't have to care about
remaining a super-power to value our national soveriegnty. We are,
after all, a group of soveriegn states, which allied themselves
together to form a nation, but before all our states would consent to
join the Union, we made the Federal Government write into the
constitution, certain rights, now known as the "Bill of Rights", which
are quite lacking if we should surrender all our soveriegnty to the
Unelected bureaucrats of the U.N.

We, here in the U.S., do not have a democracy, Mob Rule, we have a
Representative Republic, where we have representatives of the people,
and representatives of the States, in two houses. Mob Rule, democracy,
is NOT a good alternative.

> > We
> > can improve the world by example, and that doesn't mean
> > we have to be isolationist, it means we respect all
> > countries sovereignty, and create relationships of mutual
> > respect, without seeming imperialist.

> Well, to be honest, boycotting the decisions of the UN, or
> the decisionmaking process of the UN looks imperialist, and
> arogant.

So, who elected them to make decisions over the people here in the
U.S.? Are we to trade our elected representatives for some unelected
power grabing decision maker from amoung those who hate the U.S., and
have no recourse? Who cares how it looks to the Dictators? I think we
should go slow about surrendering our soveriegnty to any non elected

> > This relationship
> > building will take time, but it's worth it in the name of
> > world peace. Daniel

> Well, if it is really worth it to the US, it would not mind
> giving up some of its power to the UN.

It is not worth it to me, & I am a voter in this nation.


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