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Re: Re: Re: forcing democracy upon other countries

Oct 27, 2001 01:53 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Hi Daniel,

I will, as usual, put my comments in between yours. 
> From: "DANIEL J HOUGAS" <>
> Subject: Re: Re: forcing democracy upon other countries
> Dear Katinka,
> Of course we don't want isolationism,
> we've tried that in the past and it got us into war. We
> are not isolationist now either, but sometimes we treat
> other countries as ones to be manipulated and used for
> our own selfish needs. We have to respect every
> countries sovereignty, and get along with them with
> mutual respect, no matter if we agree with there
> politics, societal life or religion. We have to create
> an atmosphere of mutual respect amongst all countries. A
> lot of 2nd and 3rd world countries look at us in very
> imperialist terms, we need to rectify that. We have to
> show the world we want peace, respect and brotherhood
> among nations. Just by improving our standing at the
> U.N. won't cut it. We have to meet and get along with
> these countries on a one on one basis. The U.N. is not
> always the best avenue for creating relationships.
Well, seems to me that boycotting the UN-decisionmaking
process is a way of showing that you (the US, not you
personally) don't take the idea seriously that there is
going to be a world-wide government with power over
everybody, even the US. Or, in fact, that the US is afraid
to hand over power to the UN, because it would like to
remain supreme as a superpower, instead of realizing that
we have to become some sort of global democracy. (because
democracy, if not ideal, is yet the best alternative). 
> We
> can improve the world by example, and that doesn't mean
> we have to be isolationist, it means we respect all
> countries sovereignty, and create relationships of mutual
> respect, without seeming imperialist. 
Well, to be honest, boycotting the decisions of the UN, or
the decisionmaking process of the UN looks imperialist, and
> This relationship
> building will take time, but it's worth it in the name of
> world peace. Daniel
Well, if it is really worth it to the US, it would not mind
giving up some of its power to the UN.

(thanks for responding by the way)


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