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RE: Theos-World Subtle Bodies

Oct 26, 2001 06:29 PM
by nos

Jerry do you consider the Phowa of the Dzogchen a useful practice?



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|<<<<<The esoteric Taoists do similar. They
|have something like the Tibetan Lus (I don't know how you 
|write it correct in English) the rainbow body or diamond 
|vehicle, except that they give birth by means of a process of 
|inner alchemie to themselves by projecting a new body free of 
|past life karma plus the genetic bindings, that the physical 
|body connects to the ancestors. And then trough a further 
|proces up in that new body give birth to again another light 
|body with the purpose accesing and bringing down the 
|knowingness of these expanded levels (or dimensions) of 
|consciousness that you refer to.
|The Tibetan Bon and Dzogchen folks teach that a true Adept has 
|a rainbow body that can be seen by those around him/her 
|immediately after death. The "diamond vehicle" is the 
|vajrakaya of Vajrayana Buddhism, the tantric form of Tibetan 
|Buddhism that promises liberation in a single lifetime if 
|enough sincere effort is spent.
|I have discovered that virtually all human cultures throughout 
|the history of the world teach some form of subtle body, 
|though the details vary a great deal. Taoist Yoga teaches that 
|one must produce this body through yoga. The Tibetan teaching 
|is that a subtle "illusory body" (HPB's mayavirupa) is 
|normally produced during the completion stage of Highest Yoga 
|Tantra, and this body has been made famous in the West through 
|Evans-Wentz's book on Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines which 
|contains the Six Yogas of Naropa (a great new translation of 
|this by Glen Mullin is now available) one of which addresses 
|the illusory body.
|I have found that yoga is not really needed for the production 
|of such a subtle body so much as for its conscious use. I 
|understand Blavatsky's teaching to say that we all have a 
|"suitable vehicle" on each of the 7 planes, and that all we 
|have to do is to learn how to focus consciousness through each 
|of the corresponding sensory organs (which is where yoga comes 
|in). I can tell you that on each of the planes, I have a sense 
|of body, but whether it is the same subtle body or a different 
|one for each plane is pretty much a matter of manasic interpretation.
|Jerry S.
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