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Re: Theos-World Re: Re: Re: forcing democracy upon other countries

Oct 28, 2001 09:08 PM
by Etzion Becker

I trust this conversation is some kind of a funny joke, only a very evil
mind can take all this seriously. Etzion

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Sent: Monday, October 29, 2001 6:29 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Re: Re: forcing democracy upon other countries

> Bart:
> The United States recently refused to send representatives to attend a
> conference that was supposed to be against racism. Yet, racist and
> proven false literature such as THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION were
> distributed as examples of TRUTH. There was a central discussion on how
> much better off the world would have been had Hitler WON the second
> world war.
> Frank:
> Yes, and it was proofed that Blavatsky is a fraud, a liar and a sex
> Actually, not only history but every day business of today is a prove that
> the Protocols are true and that there exists a plan of the dark side to
> world control.
> Which of the paragraphs of the Protocols are not true?
> I research since a decade the pros and cons of the Protocols and at
> present believe in its authenticity (it may change, I started as a
> disbeliever in the Protocols - perhaps because the American reeducation
> program may have reigned my subconsciousness) as much as Theodor Herzl in
> his
> diaries and as well as high rabbis confirmed that behind the public
> congress there was a secret meeting and secret plans made to get world
> control for the "chosen people".
> Did Ben Guerion in the 1960's confirm that the Jews work for the
> of a world government with Jerusalem as world capital? Or did he not?
> Was HPB working in defense of the Aryans or was she not?
> Did HPB teach that the Jewish world view (black magic, materialism,
> phallicism, dead letter interpretation, which they all handed down to the
> Jesuits) is a malediction or a blessing? And did HPB teach that evil doing
> is a support to the first aim of Universal Brotherhood or did she teach
> it is a barrier?
> Not that Hitler is a holy one to me (I research since a decade the
> persecution of the Theosophists), but would you kindly explain - if you
> to rely on facts and not on propaganda of the present ruling forces - what
> today would be more worse with Hitler? Did he invented sex, drugs & rock'n
> roll? Did he recommend the most evil, brutal Hollywood films running up
> down every day on our tv? Did Hitler recommend McDonalds and porno? Did he
> recommend our present Jewish swindle science with her faked data or
> he the Aryan science?
> Do you think that Aryan science and the age-old knowledge of Aryans would
> have been far more worse than the faked Jewish science of today?
> And what about the democratic system which suppresses us today and which
> should be opposed by true theosophists as well as tyranny?
> Did Hitler fight against the Jesuits (the Jewish dugpa elite) or did he
> And on which side was the CA (Catholic Action) fighting? Pro German race
> contra? Was the OSS passed over to the CIA in 1948 or not? Is there a
> connection between the CA and the CIA or not?
> And didn't Hitler warn the other governments against the new plots of the
> Jews and a new world war when the world Jewry declared again war on
> Didn't Hitler made several serious and most level-headed peace offers to
> democratic aggressors? Especially on the Corridor question? Ever heard of
> any serious peace offer by the Polish, British or US? Like George Patton
> (who regretted later on his crimes like Churchill) FDR and Churchill where
> all horny for war and new business - like George Bush of today who dreams
> about the world's biggest oil deposit in Afghanistan.
> Didn't Rudolf Steiner publish the black magic plans of the London "City
> Freemasons" of the 1890's to destroy Germany?
> Didn't HPB warn the public about the Rothschild conspiracy?
> And was it the right of the Teutonic race (the oldest Aryan race) to
> themselves or do you want me to say that they had to give up and disappear
> from the world scene like the Red Indians in America?
> Isn't the need of the mass media - in my country there is 24 hours
> propaganda in newspapers, radio and tv about Hitler as the incarnated
> devil - to have a bad boy (ironically, about the crimes of his
> Churchill and Roosevelt there is silence) the best proof that the present
> "famous" civilization is not as good as the mass media makes the
> non-thinking masses believe?
> And did not Hitler in reality WON the war? Did he not worked out well what
> his Wall street investors ordered him? Did he not round the assimilated
> European Jews together to launch a nation for them? First planned to
> Madagascar and as there was no agreement about that plan with England,
> France and USA the second plan, the so-called final solution to settle
> in the Soviet Union?
> And did not Hitler dined in 1948 with US President Truman at the
> summer seat in Florida? All this documents (in opposite to the
> mass media propaganda) you can find in the National Archives in Washington
> on 811 microfilm reels. Gregory Douglas published the main part of it in
> to then 4 books "Gestapo Muller". And before you cry: false, fake you
> know that a source which is very reliable to you just confirmed the
> authenticity of this Gestapo files - the ill-famed Simon Wiesenthal
> Great, don't?
> And was not as much as possible destroyed in Europe? And were not the
> investors very happy in 1945 that they had created again so many new
> customers with the need for new and big credits?
> BTW, the fact that the conventional theosophist of today is a unconscious
> supporter of the dark side - as many if not most activities of the
> theosophical organizations of today support the dark side - is not the
> the evil but rather that he thirts for the good so much that he is unable
> see that others can think otherwise and he therefore denies that evil
> exists. That is the main support for the dark side of the power. The only
> antidot to that is the unaltered and corrupted teachings of HPB and her
> teachers. So we may have a rationale why so many if not all so-called
> theosophcial publishing houses (excerpt the Unicolored Leage of
> who have the FULL incarnated Theosophy accompanied :-|| ) are so eager to
> manipulate the books.
> But as the conventional theosophist - who has the overall majority in our
> enlightened era - does not like to deal with problems, nor to solve the
> problems, he likes to think positive and switch the problem out of his
> brain, no matter what happens outside of his dream world, there is not
> hope that the rapid descend into nil will be stopped. Anyone who speaks
> the truth is screamed down as a destroyer of harmony. Today I understand
> more why HPB said: It's for the FEW.
> Frank
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