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being for peace is based upon correct insight

Oct 29, 2001 06:13 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

At 01:08 AM 10/30/01 +0000, you wrote:
--- In theos-talk@y..., Eldon B Tucker <eldon@t...> wrote:
> I'm not sure what Gere's been saying. If he says
> let Bin Laden go, and send him flowers and a thank
> you note when he nukes Los Angeles and orders
> all non-Islamic religious books burned, I'd
> wonder what planet he came from.

Didn't you know? Gere's a that might explain his
pacifist stance.


There's a difference between the ideals of a religion and
the actual practice. Japan is Buddhist yet it tried to take
over much of China and attacked the US, bringing us into
war with them. Islam would be against the bloody attack of
civilian populations, yet we see the World Trade Center
destroyed in its name. Jim Jones claimed to be Christian
yet had most of his commune commit suicide.

Being for peace comes out of reason, is heart-felt, and
seen through direct intuition. It's based upon an actual
appreciation of a situation, correct insight into it, and
an appropriate reaction to what really exists.

Someone that says they're always for peace may be talking
with their eyes closed, unable to discriminate between when
it's appropriate (most of the time), and when it's actually
evil in its results.

When people are out to commit wholesale murder, they
have to be opposed. Opposing them is standing up for peace,
standing up for the world peace that they would destroy.

The Bin Laden group wants to take away rights from women,
gay people, practioners of non-Islamic faiths (which would
include the New Age and Theosophy), people wanting
to live a western lifestyle, and basically anyone who
doesn't want to live and believe as they do.

To not oppose them, we support what they want and give them
time to arm themselves with truly awful weapons. These
aren't people wanting to stockpile atomic bombs in order
to use them as political bargaining chips. They are religious
fanatics. They want a world war. They're eager to get the
bomb so they can use it. Being against them is completely
bipartisan. We're all their enemy and they have us in their
gun sights. Let's not wait for them to get ammo to shoot
us with.

When the fanatics are contained, we can get back to the
more long-term problem of fundamentalism, intolerance, greed,
selfishness, narrow-mindedness, ignorance, prejudice, and
all the other woes of the dark side of the human personality.

-- Eldon

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