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Re: being for peace is based upon correct insight

Oct 30, 2001 09:49 AM
by Monica Suzuki

You must be mistaken if you think I am a pacifist. I come from a 
long line of samurai warriors and most of them were not Buddhists.

I happen to agree with "being for peace is based upon the correct 
insight." Whenever wars are started, there are three kinds of people:

1. The first kind are those who speak about doom, final destruction, 
annihilation. They pump fear into the hearts of people, using fear 
to control or exploit them.

2. The second kind of people are those who are very rosy and goody-
goody. Everything is beautiful and just right for them. They are 
satisfied with life. These people allow evil to spread roots and 
branch out in such an immensity that others find themselves incapable 
of fighting against it and stopping its growth. Because of their 
goody-goodiness, they indirectly encourage those kinds of activities 
which eventually lead people into destruction. These people are not 
only optimistic fools, but also cowards, who allow evil to grow 
around them.

3. The third kind of people are those who see the danger, the 
corruption, the pollution, and the evil of terrorism and take 
conscious action to prevent its expansion, without pessimism but with 
inflamed optimism. They see the situation clearly. They see the 
difficulties and obstacles on the path. They see the growing power of 
evil; but they never lose their hope of victory over evil. This third 
kind of people belongs to the race of heroes. They know that all 
events going on upon Earth are watched by Higher Forces. They know 
that there exists higher resources of energy which, in unexpected 
times, come to the rescue.

Honorably discharged veteran, ex-SSG of the U.S. Army

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