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Frank's relating HPB to Protocols of Zion and Rotschild untrue.

Oct 29, 2001 10:59 PM
by bri_mue

Frank: Didn't HPB warn the public about the Rothschild conspiracy? 

Brigitte: Frank, I dont think it is fair to relate HPB in any way to 
the protocols, wich have been proven to be a fake from afther 
Blavatsky's time. 

Nos: Proven by whom Briggite? 

There is an antisemitic remark by Blavatsky in a letter, but that 
letter is not about the Rotschilds, Frank will probably have the link 
to the english translation of the letter, since he made the 
translation, I only remember the german one wich is at the bottom 

However, Frank by making severral refferences to HPB in a mail by 
him see;

that is essentially about the Protocols he seems to imply HPB would 
have approved of the Protocols .
And since the Protocols in a major courtcase in Bern Switserland led 
by proffesional prosecuters who established that beyond reasonable 
doubt the protocols are a fake, 
To begin with. Connecting any of Blavatsky's statements to the 
protocols seems not to make any sense atole.
There isn't even any evidence why, ore even that "HPB warn the 
public about the Rothschild conspiracy", not atole.


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