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RE: [bn-study] RE: THEOSOPHY == and TS, ULT, Krishnamurti & Besant, etc...

Oct 29, 2001 05:08 PM
by dalval14

Monday, October 29, 2001

Dear Peter:

Forgive me for not replying up to now. Ramprakash says it

But the only adjustment I might hazard to interject is the fact
that the HIGHER SELF (ATMA), is an interior resident and not an
outside one to each individual in Mankind.

[Let me suggest you have a careful look at what H.P.Blavatsky
writes in SECRET DOCTRINE II pp 103, 67. 243 on the TWO EGOES
in MAN. Also S D I p. 130 top.]

Take each of us, as we are at present awake and thinking -- we
are using Kama-Manas.. The division of the ethico-moral world of
CHOICE is dual. It is either thought under impersonal,
charitable, generous UNIVERSAL NATURAL LAW, or it is thought
under the impulse of fancy, or personal and selfish desires and
passions. Each of us if we pause to examine our motives sees
this clearly. Our use of such a vision depends on how our
inclination is impressed on our every-day=waking brain-mind --
the Personal thinker.

The Higher Self (Atma) is the SAGE, (our "tutor" within) It sees
clearly but that vision when transmitted to us has to pass
THROUGH the plane of our PSYCHOLOGICAL NATURE which for all of us
is a mixture of wisdom and folly.

Theosophy says this bi-polar entity exists in each of us. (It is
the human Monad.) We have the "descending God," and the
ascending "animal". Between is the bridge, of the gap between
INTUITIONAL WISDOM and INSTINCTIVE desire and passion. The
Bridge is the 3rd aspect the MIND. It is used alternatively by
the WISE SAGE "within, or "above," or, the foolish animal of
desires and passions, which is incapable of reasoning or
foreseeing the future, "below." It is said of old: "The fight
is in the Mind." [ see S D I 181 , also S D I 157, and II

Why not look on Theosophy (as all impersonal and exact renditions
of FACTS and PROCEDURES in Nature (LAWS) -- as a kind of
text-book, which gives history, examples, distribution of
correlates (as what appears to us, sometimes, to be a jumble,
because we are unfamiliar with a 7-fold development of forces,
powers, vehicles as a basis for any consideration of events, also
of human psychology. [ In studying man's psychology, H P B gives
us three useful tables in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) at pp.
91-2, 234-6, 195-6. Note, in the last : Mind, Manas is shown to
be Triple.]

As to the individuals who have made themselves guardians and
perpetuators for THEOSOPHY, In so far as they more accurately
reflect the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS ( which the Mahatmas gave through
H P B ) they have assisted the Movement.

All thought they were helping the students around them. But not
all saw exactly as H P B saw and taught.

There are differences, and the modern student has to be aware of
the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS in order to detect the changes, perhaps
unconsciously made, perhaps deliberately made. The motive being
always the secret of the originator or transmitter.

Therefore I would say, there is greater safety in accessing
Theosophical tenets and doctrines through H.P.Blavatsky. The
effort is well worth the prized result that one is able to

In regard to the 7-fold Universe (MACROCOSM) of which Mankind
(MICROCOSM) is said to be a "copy," we are first introduced to
the simple linear model, then, to the surface one, as sketched
7 x 7 = 49 ).

Further, we are told that each of the 7 is distinctly related to
one 7th part of any other of the original SEPTENATE. This makes
a square pattern of 7 x 7 = 49 relations. All to be discovered.
One hint is given in regard to the diagram on S D I 200 and
that each of the GLOBES in each of the 7 ROUNDS represents the
development of one of the 7 principles within the 7 MAIN
DIVISIONS. [ As an example: We are said to be the 5th Race of
the 4th GLOBE in the 4th ROUND. One could translate this as
follows: 4th ROUND represents the development of KAMA-MANAS.
4th GLOBE represents the same situation: Kama-Manas. 5th Race
indicates a shift out of "Kama-Manas" towards the 5th Principle
or pure MANAS (uninfluenced by Kama). We should then be moving
out from under the influence of desires and passions into the
condition of a detached. impersonal, rational, and universally
perceptive THINKING BEING. This is of course my own speculation.
and should be treated as such.

We, in our education and history, have been taught in linear
methods. Here is a surface.

One might guess that the 3 dimensional reality is a cube wit 343
kinds of relationships established and working harmoniously on 3
definite areas of development.

In The SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. I p. 181 (also see I , p. 157 and
200, and 242-46 ; II p. 596) you will find there are diagrams
and explanations on these and we are just at the beginning of our

Some will give it up at various stages of complexity, but those
who persist in study get a wider and deeper picture of the 7-fold
MAN living and working in and through a 49-fold Solar-system, and
these two again correlate to aspects found in the special VOLUME
of the UNIVERSE (crudely represented by the concept of a CUBE 7
x 7 x 7 = 343. The sides of the CUBE, unfolded gives the cross
and the 6 and the 7 is implicit in that (see S D II p. 600

There is so much to learn and when one finds a system without
gaps and blind alleys, it is exhilarating.

But that does not mean we give up proving things and statements
to ourselves for the satisfaction of personal accuracy and added

Best wishes,



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Besant, etc...

Excellent metaphor. Please see my remarks below.

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Dear Dallas,

Saturday, October 27th 2001

From: Peter Scott-Howes, Melton Mowbray, U.K.

I was fascinated by your exchange with Gopi. Ever since I first
involved in the study of Helena Blavatsky's writings I have been
encouraged by the fact that they have been given to us for our
guidance and
NOT our direction.

Until a few short years ago my great pastime was backpacking, I
loved the
wild country and my ability to find the way with simple map and
compass. I
loved being able to walk in glorious sunlight and being able to
survive the
harshest weather and terrain. It was the journey I loved! During
journeys I would often meet up with fellow travellers making
their way to
the same destination as myself - we all had the same precise
What always amazed me was the way we travelled. Although we
would come
together as a group and enjoy each others company and support we
were all
individuals prepared to move on by ourselves or journey with the
company. We
had all developed our own means of support in terms of food,
clothing, tent,
type of map and compass. We had all worked out our own route,
timing, stops
and starts. We would meet up at various points on the path,
sometimes after
a day and sometimes after several days and swap stories,
adventures, tips
and advice. We would then, without any spoken agreement, continue
on the
next day either together or separately. What astonished me was
that we would
all arrive at the destination at about the same time with a great
sense of
achievement and a quiet mutual understanding of ourselves and our

Is this a simple demonstration how Theosophical friends travel on
journey towards their Higher Selves?
Kind regards,


Comment : The beautiful metaphor given above tells the story of
the course
of the Companions who heve chosen themselves to work for the
Great Cause of
the Theosphical Movement.

We are not here studying Theosophy and trying our
best to further the objects of the T.M. for the first time nor by
chance ;
we worked togehter in the past, and now have come again together,
by the law
of affinity, by the law of cyclic return of impressions, and will
together again in future to continue to work with still greater
capacity and
effect, due to the accumulated Karmic force and merit, for the
of the Great Orphan Humanity.

Hence it is important that we work now with
united aim and purpose, always and every time placing the
interest of the
T.M. above organizational and personal concerns--in necessary, to
be ever
prepared to sacrifice the latter on the altar of the former.

Our relation to the T.M. is and will be what we make of it
ourselves by our
own perception, judgement, commitment, motive and effort.


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