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RE: [bn-study] Re: TS, ULT, Krishnamurti & Besant

Oct 29, 2001 05:08 PM
by dalval14

Dear Joe:

It depends on the nature of the TEACHER. He is either the HIGHER
SELF (a "ray" of the UNIVERSAL DIVINE SPIRIT -- ATMAN) or the
animal-human self that is not fully a reflection of the DIVINE
EGO. In which case those teachings are distorted.

We, who are the recipients of advice (see TRANSACTIONS OF THE
BLAVATSKY LODGE, pp 66-76) from the HIGHER SELF, nightly, have to
purify the brain-mind here and now so as to receive the impact of
those nightly conferences and remember them.

That's how I see it.

Best wishes,


Also see attached Post to Peter on this.


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As soon as the teacher becomes more important than the teachings,
then the
whole point is missed, I believe !

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> Thank you. These views are rational, at least within the
> context. Blavatsky must be acknowledged for her being at the
head of the
> modern movement, and other teachings, if they're to be called
> must be compared with the writings of Blavatsky, Subba Row, and
> Mahatma's. I too agree with the comments about others who
claim that
> teachings are a continuation of Blavatsky. All too often the
> expounded are based on assertions on the part of the "teacher"
and all
> questioning, examination and critical thought are discouraged.
> Joe

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