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RE: Theos-World This Moment: A theosophical dialogue

Oct 09, 2001 05:23 AM
by dalval14

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Dear Pendragon:

Why not simplify?

We cannot undo all the nonsense that people heap in and on, and
even over Theosophy.

But each of us can study and discover what is reasonable and
true, and then use it.

Let the errors of the past burry themselves, no doubt they will
return to roost and create their own series of chaotic
annoyances -- but we can mitigate all that by getting ourselves
straight on what Theosophy is, and what it can do if given a

Best wishes,



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Subject: Theos-World This Moment: A theosophical dialogue


The one great error of Theosophists------------and all
esotericists, for that matter----------is the perniciously
obstinate habit of overestimating humanity-------ourselves. We
are barely out of the ruins of barbarism that we brought upon
ourselves in Atlantis, where we managed to fall under the level
of beasts, following the first and greatest fall into generation
or cohabitation of the sexes. We must understand that we used to
be gods once (with all the "magic powers" you can imagine, and
spiritual beings fully bisexual or rather, a-sexual, for sex is
in evidence only on the outer planes), but forfeited it
all------our status of the Sons of Will and Yoga--------by
refusing to incarnate in the bodies prepared, and when we finally
said "Amen!" and descended to this plane to enter (or rather,
overshadow) these bodies of the mindless, we already were TOO
LATE, in the sense that the bodies were already tainted by animal
impurity, but, we had no choice (for we were kicked from behind
and pushed by the Great Law) other than to enter these tainted
bodies, thus incurring great sin. There you go, your "original
sin". But then, we increased it all by falling headlong into
phallicism, big time, which we still continue, and through the
mass distribution of this misuse of a holy natural function in
our "modern" times (via televison, sex movies, and worse) which
ought to have properly been used for procreation only (always on
the basis of monogamy, between couples who truly belong
together---I do not mean the pernicious and idiotic lore of
"twin-souls" so-called-----and following due introspection and
meditation----prayer is another word for it, but, of course,
praying only in the occult sense of "Key to Theosophy") we
immerse ourselves deeper and ever deeper in the courtyard of
Avitchi. But let us not forget the third curse we brought upon
ourselves-----the curse of Mammon, the curse we imbued with each
particle of matter we ever bought and sold. That spirit-matter is
sacred, and one with the Inconceivable-------whether we call it
Parabrahman or Great Architect-------and must never be bought or
sold------ever------ought to be clear by now. Nirvana---------the
oneness with all things, the kingdom of God--------cannot exist
simultaneously at the same spot, with the kingdom of Satan
(matter; "diabolus est deus inversus"); one or the other has to
give way. Even the wild beasts of the forest can read the signs
of the times better than we do: this "final" (end of a cycle)
TABULA RASA is going on right now, and we----------humanity as a
collective---------realize that we either adapt and transmute our
lower selves into "gold" (of the alchemists) and get a hold of
ourselves and reach---------by the blood and sweat of selfless
labor for each other, and by purifying our lower
selves----------through this "narrow path" of Antaskarana, back
to the "Voice of the Silence"--------the "Father" behind all
verbum, or outer manifestation, and see this Great Spirit living
not only in each of our fellow human brothers and sisters, but in
all of our animal relations, be they but plants and stones and
atoms yet, and behave accordingly, WORKING TOGETHER JOINTLY FOR A
BROTHERHOOD OF MAN, as HPB beseeched us to do, or, we get simply
relegated to the "ash heap of history"------removed from this
planet for good, as it happened to the scoffers of Noah who tried
to build an arc of safety where we could escape to from the wrath
to come....

Everybody is equally guilty. The degree of fanaticism is not
everything, although the "enlightened" West is by far not devoid
of this insanity. Our black magic in the West may be more
unconscios but is very well there. Think of commercialism, of
great corporations sacrificing entire nations to business, using
them as guinea pig-----genetical manipulation; the ozone hole in
the sky; doctors who kill you for money; food industries that
make you obese with aspartame and growth hormones; poison gas on
strawberry fields; the deadly coercion of legalism and insane
prohibition, the opposite of any democracy; the prison industry,
6,5 million Americans in jail or on bail or former felons; murder
of humans by the state, capital punishment; oppression of our own
people and of other nations----of those who have yellow skin, of
Muslims, of the American Indian, of everybody who is
non-Anglo-----no health system, no state-guaranteed old-age
pensions; no powerful labor unions that would be able to
outbalance the predatory force of capitalism; a mere semblance of
democracy, and right wing nazi fascism in politics----in
organizations, in churches, in the heads and hearts of the
people!! All this combined with the most insane
arrogance------America, the Great! When we point
fingers-------one always points back to ourselves! The crusades
replayed? Why surprised? What did we expect? Do we perhaps think
the karma of those bloody butchery days to have long been
expiated? Have we not tried to outdo each other, back then, with
the most barbaric cruelty, in killing each other? Saladin may
have been an enlightened one in comparison to us. We ain't seen
nothing yet... This is only the beginning. Our mechanical world
is going to collapse on us, and bury these black magicians of old
that we are----underneath the rubble. The "fanatics" in the
East-----representing the rebellion of the have nots and the
outcast------may be, perhaps, found much less guilty of a truly
spiritual transgression than we ourselves--------by the Lords of
Karma, who see it all, and know that motive alone is the decisive
factor of any act--------fully aware, also, of the truth HPB
tried to make us grasp-----in vain until this very day that is
now upon us: "...'Black magic reigns over Europe as an
all-powerful, though unrecognized, autocrat,' its chief conscious
adherents and practical servants being found in the Roman Church,
and its unconscious practitioners in the Protestant. The whole
body of the so-called "privileged" classes of society in Europe
and America is honeycombed with unconscious black magic, or
sorcery of the vilest character." (CW XIII, p. 257.)

We----all of us of the human family-----must hang together,
realize what we jointly have done to each other-----both in East
and in the West-----, and mend it-----"repent", see that none of
us is "holier than thou", that we are one, in truth and
deed---------or we assuredly will hang separately.


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From: My Subconscious Self
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2001 8:36 AM
Subject: [rosicruciansophia] Re: The Guardian: Air strikes
delayed as allies express d...

I want to thank you for the message and web site you just
Actually, I would like to post both in a spirituaL club I am in
has over 1300 members. I agree very much with what you have to
We are at a critical crossroads of human history where we may
catapaulted back in time by a thousand years by people who have
brainwashed, mind controled, and can't think for themselves, as
as they loathe modern "sinful" civilization. I find it
that once again we may have a "crusade", like a thousand years
caused by religious ignorance, bigotry, and intollerance.
Fundamentalism, nearly always based in falsely understood
interpretations of supposedly "holy" writings and rooted in
and fear in pursuing serious studies of the true origins of the
various faiths, is perhaps the most serious danger the world
today. Will we again, in another thousand years, go through all
yet again?


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