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RE: Theos-World Memories of Past Lives

Oct 09, 2001 05:23 AM
by dalval14

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Dear Friend:

Memory of past lives is dependent o the concept of Spirit/Soul
immorality. The Soul of Man is viewed as an Eternal pilgrim.
Each life marks an accrual of experience. This is expressed as
evidence in terms of the wisdom, or folly, of each individual.
His character., capacities, inclinations, talents and genius are
the result of innumerable "lives" of embodiment through many
states and periods of time.

As I understand what Theosophy teaches, CONSCIOUSNESS is a
quality of the UNIVERSAL ONE SELF -- sometimes referred to as the

By definition it is "to see along with."


Something (or many objects) of perception.


Evaluation ( a Mind function)

The Capacity to select, focus and determine what to be conscious

Theosophy states, metaphysically that the purpose of Life is to
learn and it is all made up of learning

It holds that the SPIRIT-SOUL of every human is a detached, yet
integrated "ray" of the ONE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT.

The UNIVERSE (unlimited and indescribable) is thus held to be a
necessity and is evolved for the purpose of man (mind)

It runs entirely under law. The Universe in all its departments,
as presently constituted is the study of Science The Universe
contains all, is self regulated, is a harmonizing of diversities
and can be known only by the dispassionate mind that is directed
to the discovery of its methods and works. In other words
Science in its "discoveries" mere uncovers that rules laws and
patterns which NATURE has already laid down, and uses to maintain
order in its vast diversity and in its cooperative entirety.

A "STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS" would appear to be the ability of the
ONE CONSCIOUSNESS to focus and become aware of events or memory
thereof, on several planes. [ Such as dreams, visions, altered
states, physical plane awareness, etc... ]

INTELLIGENCE would appear to be the ability to employ mental and
other tools in one or more "STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Individual is deemed to have available to him (because of his
being an interacting "part" or "Ray" of the ONE SELF [Spirit] )
all the tools that function on any plane.

Our present sphere of "consciousness" is limited by our
experience focused in and on the plane of physical matter.]

The tool that we as PERCEIVER or CHOOSER employ while focused on
the physical plane is limited by our concepts and knowledge of
this plane.

Theosophy offers information about adjacent planes and
"principles" in man's constitution that correspond to these

1.	the astral plane of electro-magnetic substance and force
fields, which , like a lattice provides the physical molecules,
cells and other structure to aggregate and make forms.

2.	the psychic plane of feeling, desire, ambition, a sense of
"I-ness," it includes passions, yens, virtues and vices, but
these seem to flow in and through our consciousness and have
little stability unless we lend our MIND to them so that they
acquire a sense of time and of "being" however brief, or lengthy.

3.	the intellectual, mental, plane with the ability to remember,
anticipate, rationalize, employ logic, mathematics, and to
visualize structure. It includes the ability to become
personally involved in desires and passions, or to remain distant
from those as might an impersonal observer. It can be wise or
foolish depending on whether it allies itself with passion or
with wisdom and dispassion.

4.	the plane of discrimination, in which the PERCEIVER and the
CHOOSER is able to review the lessons learned (and stored as
memory) of its past experiences including those of earlier lives.
This is where it shares its "wisdom of experience" [ an
observation of the action of KARMA on itself ] wit the universal
plane of wisdom (Maha-Buddhi).

5.	the plane of spiritual perception generally called trance,
deep thought, samadhi, Turiya, and by other names whereby the
INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS reunites for a chosen period wit its
"parent" the ONE SPIRIT.

One will find this discussed in H.P.Blavatsky's The SECRET
DOCTRINE in Vol. I, p. 157.

The theosophical concept of the 7 planes of being and of man (as
principles) will be found discussed at great length in
H.P.Blavatsky's the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) See also in the
SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. I pp 200, 242-246 II 596, 593,

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Mic F-----r
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2001 1:32 AM
Subject: Re: Memories of Past Lives

Does anyone believe this evolution of consciouness is
inevitable or merely a product of a synchronicity of
events? Must everything, at some stage or another,
pass through a state of consciousness?

--- Etzion Becker <> wrote:
> Talking about the evolution of human consciousness
> and its attributes, it is
> interesting to note, that only till a few hundreds
> of years ago, we didn't
> see perspectives. See art pictures till 400-500
> years ago. No perspectives.
> Even in ancient Egypt. Something has been happening
> to us the past few
> hundred years , and I think more things yet to come.
> Etzion
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Mic Forster <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2001 5:25 AM
> Subject: Theos-World Memories of Past Lives
> > There was an episode of The Simpsons where Homer
> > Simpson steps through a vortex to find himself in
> a
> > strange world. The scientist comes along and
> explains
> > to those present that Homer has entered a three
> > dimensional world, as opposed to the two
> dimensional
> > cartoon world. As the scientist explains the
> concept
> > all the other characters find it hard to grasp.
> And so
> > it is with the notion of the fourth dimension -
> time.
> > I have spent many hours contemplating how one can
> > perceive such a dimension, though I have had
> little
> > success. That was until a few weeks ago when I
> finally
> > realised how I could view the fourth dimension -
> it
> > was starring at me the whole time. I was examining
> a
> > sediment core that had the environmental history
> of a
> > sawmp just outside of Sydney over the last 1000
> years.
> > Each layer in that core told a different story for
> a
> > particular point in time. Looking at the entire
> core
> > you could see a story. It then occurred to me that
> I
> > was looking at the fourth dimension. In the next
> > moment it occurred to me that every book that was
> ever
> > written was done so in order to record the fourth
> > dimension. Viewing evolution from a purely
> Darwinistic
> > perspective it can be seen that there has been a
> > gradual evolution towards perceiving the fourth
> > dimension. It starts with simple spatial memory.
> Then
> > memory over a longer time period develops, for
> example
> > Pied Currawongs cache small birds in the fork of
> trees
> > for later consumption yet the Currawong must
> remember
> > where that bird was cached. Memory gets better, as
> > with hunter/gatherer humans who have no written
> record
> > but their memory is passed down through stories
> and
> > other means. For example, Indigenous Australians,
> > walking through their land, sing the song of their
> > ancestors before them. These songs reflect the
> > creation of a certain landmark, eg a waterhole or
> a
> > rock. As the songs are passed onto each generation
> > unchanged so to is knowledge of the geography of
> the
> > land. Memory got even better with the advent of
> > writing and, later, the printing press. Today I
> can
> > step into a library and "remember" the creation of
> the
> > universe, the solar system, what the climate was
> like
> > 400 million years ago, what sort of animals I
> would
> > have found back then etc etc. Although I have no
> > memory of events that happened to me personally in
> > past lives, I do have this cumulative memory, or
> > psuedo-collective memory, that I may take
> advantage of
> > for the benefit of myself and others.
> >
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