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RE: Theos-World RE: mitigating Karma

Sep 09, 2001 05:08 PM
by dalval14

Sunday, September 09, 2001

Dear Friends:

If it made any sense then Nature's laws would be void.

If one gives thought to the fact that it is NATURE ( or "God in
manifestation") that provides all the life conditions all the
time, then any violation of NATURE'S ( GOD'S) laws would bring
about the complete chaotic destruction of all life-support
systems everywhere.

We are not dealing with a "Personal God" to whom is attributed
any kind of lawlessness at His whim or pleasure. We are dealing
with hard facts and laws that will not work for some people and
not for others.

One need only push any desire, thought, conclusion to its
ULTIMATE CONCLUSION to see exactly what the effect of a single
disjointed "breakage" would do.

We all have that capacity of thinking. We all have as a result
of thee being a "ray" of the GOD-SPIRIT within each of us, the
capacity by INTUITION to know if any proposed choice or action
will be "good" (meaning LAWFUL FOR EVERYONE) or "bad" ( meaning

A clear idea of the distinction between good and bad is offered
by Theosophy.

Good is that which is done according to the laws of harmony,
generosity, virtue and brotherhood.

Bad is that which is done for selfish purposes, which is done
viciously, which is done for personal profit regardless of any
harm to another, that which permits violence, war, torture, and
starvation or non-treatment of disease.

It is easy to see that the distinction is clear. And, we all
know it in our hearts.

But evil men with selfish intentions that desire wealth and power
over others have devised the concept of a Personal God who can be
prayed to, propitiated with false praise, treated as a whimsical
child, fawned on, cajoled, in the hope that waving his magic wand
or exercising his powers evil that is due to come to us will
somehow be mitigated or erased.

Do we really believe we live in such a universe ? Do we really
believe that many religions are allowed to flourish for centuries
and millennia without check -- if they are wrong?

Do people sincerely believe that any group of priests, in any
religious system that has become dogmatic, creedal, orthodox,
has the whole truth and has usurped the supreme powers of a
UNIVERSAL GOD -- solely for the temporary benefit (until they or
we die) of a small community ?

And further, that this community, living at present on this puny
planet, lost in the vast expanses of SPACE has the power to
decide on the fate of the whole Universe, not to mention every
human living in and on this World ? This situation is
ludicrous, once that one has taken into account the facts and
proofs that science and philosophy offer us.

But, it is still up to us to decide what we will choose.

Why are we allowed choice? Why are religious wars fought? Why
does one group believe it is their duty to subdue unknown persons
whose sole fault is that they were born into a religion other
than theirs ?

Why is there this dark prejudice that overtakes our power of
thought? Have we sought to understand it ?

Do we really think that the power of a "violet flame" will
somehow mitigate Karma ? Will it shut off good or bad Karma?
Why has this remained a secret for such a long time? If true,
who has dared to withhold this knowledge from others ?

There are a dozen pertinent questions that can be asked.

Best wishes,



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Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2001 6:39 AM
Subject: RE: mitigating Karma

Subject: Violet flame...?

What is going on with this article on the violet flame? The
article is in the SpritWeb dot com's Theosophy Corner...It says
stuff about
erasing Karma

[!] Anybody care to comment on the validity of this?

Being wrapped up in any "facet" of Theosophy is something that is
very easy
to get caught up in , that many of us have come in contact with
this in its
many various forms is not to say that that facet has no value
or is
worthless ,just a warning from wisdoms' voice that says to
investigate and
comprehend .

Yes Theosophy states that sound and color has intensive and
profound depths
of meaning but also says that , as the student moves on through
the teachings
these "facets" will become more apparent and that there is no
need to make
them a "thing" in themselves..

Finding in Nature appropriate value is inherent in the path shown

What wiser students have found is the truth of those facets and
see them in a
well rounded concept in various degrees without distortion.
And yes , these facets are to be studied , as it adds to that
"sacred" store
that the student inherits but like all "facets" they only
enhance but
cannot nor should not cover up the central ideation that
Theosophy brings
forward ,such as the true meaning of Universal Brotherhood ,
, compassion , and so forth.

Mitigation of Karma is fine , but be warned as to the right-ness
of that

If it is only "blockage by force" then be aware that no "part"
can "block"
the whole of one's nature or of Universal Nature.
G'D who knows you as you truly are will adjust accordingly
according to
Sacred Law which no man can escape.

The aphorisms given by Dallas hold the key. Well, enough said.

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