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RE: Moderators consider: 3 FUNDAMENTALS, 3 Evolutionary schemes, 3 GOALS of Evolution

Sep 09, 2001 01:32 PM
by dalval14


Dear Friend:

On the physical plane as H P B writes (your quote below via Adelasie) nothing on the physical plane (or any other, except the ABSOLUTE -- which is outof our reach ) remains static.  

Motion is one of the 3 absolutes: 1. SPACE -- 

2. MOTION (and LAWS of moving) -- 

3. EVOLUTION of individual and personal CONSCIOUSNESS). 

TIME	When we approach TIME we are given 2 standards one is our physical time/observation, and the other pertains to DURATION which is again "part" of the ABSOLUTENESS. [ S D I 37, 43-4, Trans p. 11-12; MAHATMA LETTERS p. 194;  

The 3 lines of Evolution ( S D I 181 ) which intertwine at all points (asinnate to all MONADS) seem to indicate there are 3 standards:  

1. SPIRIT ( Wisdom and Purity, universality and impartiality, generosity),  

2. MIND ( Willing and Thinking, ratiocination, logic, memory, action, etc.) and, 

3. MATTER (feeling, emotion, passion, anger, desire, impulse, selfishness,and transitory as all achievements are dispersed at death).  


The purpose of Evolution appears to be the transformation of passion and desire into reasoned cooperation. It is the plane of the INDIVIDUAL where the Higher Mind learns to control and direct the Lower Mind along the lines of universality, impersonality, humility, generosity and unselfishness. This is why UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD is emphasized - it describes and is a part of this major process of living, and covers reincarnation, Karma and the Growth of the Personal Soul (Lower Mind) into a voluntary compliance with the impartial universal Laws of Nature.

In the BHAGAVAD GITA one comes across the s-fold division (Gunas) that Krishna the Sage uses:

1.	SATTVA -- Purity, Truth, Universality, Stability [ Also a plane or condition where the ATMA portion of the Monad resides in total harmony with theUNIVERSAL SPIRIT (of which it is a "ray" ] Under the universal impulse ofthe CAUSELESS CAUSE all such Atmic "rays" have vowed in the distant past to assist in the evolution of all Monads of lower experience and intelligence who are involved in the lower aspects of evolution: elemental, mineral, vegetable, and animal forms. All material evolution tries to evolve the elements of a totally sensitive human form in which the MIND and the "Monads"(ATMA / BUDDHI) are able to reflect outwardly the INNER WISDOM they all possess equally. Hence the old statement: "Look inward. Thou art Buddha."

2.	RAJAS -- Activity, Emotion, Thought, Mental powers, Will, etc... [ Also a position which can be called broadly the MIND. It feels, desires, thinks, plans, knows the difference between "good and evil" -- that is the two sides of cooperative living: lawfulness and disorder, or idealism and evil doing, and it makes free-willed choices concerning these. This is a central organ for the learning phase, where, through the response of pleasureand pain, we learn what is valuable to universal progress, and brotherhood.] and, 
3.	TAMAS -- Inertia, laziness, repose, selfishness, isolation, etc.... The false idea that beatitude and bliss consist in doing NOTHING -- what do we do with the boredom of Nirvana or Moksha ? -- In essence, "Primordial Matter" is of the same potential as SPIRIT. But it "chooses" to provide an "opposite Pole" so that the increments in Conscious intelligence may begin and proceed by individual effort towards the common Goal [ SUBLIME PERFECTION ] which can be summarized in the world "UNITY." 


At present is 

1.	to learn these basic ideas and add them or fit them into the memories ofknowledge and wisdom we already have installed.

2.	to verify their accuracy, just as we verify the accuracy of the terrestrial knowledge we have been taught in school, in religion, at home, and elsewhere up to now -- on which our society and communal living is based.

3.	to pass on to others our discoveries -- not because we have become "authorities," but because a study of Nature and her operating Laws is a necessity for and by all of us. They have to do their own research and test and verify anything we offer.


One important observation: WISDOM CAN NEVER BE SOLD. It can be earned andthe pupil is always indebted to a true, honest and sincere teacher. If wisdom could be sold or if any one pretends that magical secrets and personalpowers can be passed on to a purchaser, then obviously, such vendors have not succeeded at all. If what they offered for money were in their grasp, they would be rich and powerful,. And would not have to pretend to able to "sell" their ideas. Only the gullible and those who are impetuous fall into those traps.

If one reviews the history of the many religions in the world one will findat their root they have identical teachings -- and in fact have sprung from the ONE SOURCE: THEOSOPHY.

What has happened is that progressively, over time, the clever and the sly took over the great philosophical reform, and made of it a paying concern in which the gullible and the thoughtless are ensnared. Free thought is discouraged. "Faith" and "belief" are suggested and implanted to prevent the free mind (which is in all) from working and making the people independent of a priesthood as it ought to be. God has been transformed from a UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE -- a portion of which resides potential in all of us, and in every least thing -- into a PERSON who can be teased, prayed to, praised, and cajoled into apparently breaking His own Laws and those of equity and brotherhood in the Universe -- and the horror of this situation is that many millions believe it is possible.

But this is much to think about and to verify to see if such views are trueat base.

Best wishes as always, 



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Quote from HPB:
> Nothing
> on earth has real duration, for nothing remains without change-or
> the same-for the billionth part of a second; and the sensation we
> have of the actuality of the division of "time" known as the
> present, comes from the blurring of that momentary glimpse, or
> succession of glimpses, of things that our senses give us, as those
> things pass from the region of ideals which we call the future, to
> the region of memories that we name the past. ....The real
> person or thing does not consist solely of what is seen at any
> particular moment, but is composed of the sum of all its various
> and changing conditions from its appearance in the material form
> to its disappearance from the earth. It is these "sum-totals" that
> exist from eternity in the "future," and pass by degrees through
> matter, to exist for eternity in the "past." .....Even so of persons
> and things, which, dropping out of the to-be into the has-been,
> out of the future into the past - present momentarily to our senses
> a cross-section, as it were, of their total selves, as they pass
> through time and space (as matter) on their way from one eternity
> to another: and these two constitute that "duration" in which alone
> anything has true existence, were our senses but able to cognize it
> there.

Hello Moderators,

My My, how that dear old lady does write. It is as if she reaches into the
very heart of eternity and pulls out echoes of truths, long forgotten. In the
above passage, I am struck by how fleeting the illusion of the present really
is. How tiny our moment to moment actions are, caught up as they are, between
two eternity's. Yet, how crucial our role for invoking futures yet undreamed
of. What an awesome power we have.

Since eternity is the home of the ABSOLUTE ALL, as it were, our momentary
present in the physical can only be a constant illusion, due to constant

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