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RE: mitigating Karma

Sep 09, 2001 06:39 AM
by DNisk98114

Subject: Violet flame...?

What is going on with this article on the violet flame? The
article is in
the SpritWeb dot com's Theosophy Corner...It says stuff about
erasing Karma
[!] Anybody care to comment on the validity of this?

Being wrapped up in any "facet" of Theosophy is something that is very easy 
to get caught up in , that many of us have come in contact with this in its 
many various forms is not to say that that facet has no value or is 
worthless ,just a warning from wisdoms' voice that says to investigate and 
comprehend .
Yes Theosophy states that sound and color has intensive and profound depths 
of meaning but also says that , as the student moves on through the teachings 
these "facets" will become more apparent and that there is no need to make 
them a "thing" in themselves..

Finding in Nature appropriate value is inherent in the path shown by 
What wiser students have found is the truth of those facets and see them in a 
well rounded concept in various degrees without distortion.
And yes , these facets are to be studied , as it adds to that "sacred" store 
that the student inherits but like all "facets" they only enhance but 
cannot nor should not cover up the central ideation that Theosophy brings 
forward ,such as the true meaning of Universal Brotherhood , non-sectarianism 
, compassion , and so forth.
Mitigation of Karma is fine , but be warned as to the right-ness of that 
If it is only "blockage by force" then be aware that no "part" can "block" 
the whole of one's nature or of Universal Nature.
G'D who knows you as you truly are will adjust accordingly according to 
Sacred Law which no man can escape.
The aphorisms given by Dallas hold the key.
Well, enough said.

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