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RE: [bn-study] Re: To the moderators....

Sep 09, 2001 03:27 AM
by dalval14

Sunday, September 09, 2001

Re: Personal bios

Dear Louis:

>From the beginning H P B emphasized that any veracity concerning
Theosophical teaching was inherent to the propositions and
descriptive phrases used, and Theosophy was not to be made more
credible by its presentation made by any person.

As persons can err, it was thought advisable to place ones
reliance on COMMON SENSE and propositions that were both
impersonal and universal. And also to verify them with
information that was already available generally.

Hence any emphasis on personality was discouraged, as it said
nothing as to the value of what was offered.

In any case biographies (unless heavily documented) are the
product of someone's opinions concerning another party -- and
those opinions, as in the case of a translation into another
language -- could be prejudiced or even wrong. How a persona may
have lived and what he or she may have done is no index to their
real character and capacities. But what they write, say and do
are indexes as to sincerity, honesty, and creditability. We
cannot judge Theosophy by the personal who may present it.

Theosophy is said to be a presentation of Universal Truth. The
promulgator or the propagandist may have many personal faults.
None of those makes the philosophy either better or worse. It
value is innate and inherent to is. It becomes the
responsibility of the student, or the pupil, or the devotee, to
direct his study to PROVING the accuracy of what any Theosophical
proposition is.

The reason an interlocking and cooperative set of rules and laws
that exist in nature and link all beings together is exposed, is
that at this point in our racial development, we needed to have a
more consecutive and correlative view of our situation and of the
laws of Nature that support our lives.

Theosophy has succeeded in showing the shortcomings of
materialism, the dogmatism and limitations of orthodox
religiosity, and the problems that affect an understanding of
intelligence, consciousness, and the reason for man's existence.

Karma and Reincarnation have been shown importance and the
eternal nature of the Human Spirit/Soul has been described.

The purpose of evolution has been broadly described as "Sublime
Perfection. And its attainment has bee placed in front of every
thinking individual as a potential they may work for.

Again and again "authorities" and reliance on them has been

You may ask what about H P B, W Q Judge, Annie Besant, Olcott,
Krishnamurthi, se Puruker, de Zircov, Leadbeater, etc... are
their writing to be relied on? Read those writings and compare
carefully with the teachings that H P B has given us on behalf of

H P B is a special case as she came as a "messenger" from the
Great and Ancient lodge of Adepts [ see ISIS UNVEILED Vol. 2, pp
98-103; SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. I pp 207-210 ] Thar there exists
an association, a band of un-dying Adepts, Mahatmas, Buddhas,
Rishis, is spoken of in many places by chiefly in SECRET DOCTRINE
II pp. 275fn, 281-2

Neither the Adepts nor H P B ever claimed "authority." The
provided us with historical information that bridges many of the
gaps of pre-history and shows the links between various Religions
at their ROOTS.

ISIS UNVEILED provides us with a good deal of information on
this, and so does The SECRET DOCTRINE .

The SECRET DOCTRINE additionally provides us with an extensive
view of the observations made by the un-dying Adepts of the
Evolution of the Worlds, suns and Universe as well as of Mankind
on this our planet.

The propositions concerning Science and Philosophy can be
relatively easily verified if one has a broad and well developed
knowledge in those areas.

Essentially Theosophy is provable. It is up to us if we are
interested and assiduous students to do this proving.

Best wishes,



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Sent: Friday, September 07, 2001 3:16 AM
Subject: [bn-study] To the moderators....

For me, the value of this list the way that it currently exists,
is the LACK
of biographical personality information. Without that being
supplied, the
poster IS his or her message. I have come to "know" certain
people on this
list, strictly by their postings. There are no other ego or
issues to distract me. Everyone on this list gets to be their
best or worst
self, through what they say, NOT, because of what is said about
them. I
believe a bio page is available on the home page for those who
need it.


> A suggestion , maybe?
> Would it be possible to schedule a day where you would post
short bios of the moderators?
> And schedule another day for short bios of posters?
> A sort of getting to know session .

> Would it have merit or should something be done like this "on
the fly" ,

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