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RE: Reason for Metaphysial answers as to CAUSE, CAUSELSS CAUSE, FINAL GOAL

Sep 09, 2001 03:27 AM
by dalval14

Sunday, September 09, 2001

Dear Rolando:

This question come up periodically and all I can offer is that
which I have culled from the study of theosophical literature.
It runs as follows:

I would say that the possibility of giving a definitive answer in
physical terms of time, space and Intelligence known to us as we
are at present ( awake, and using our brain-minds) on the matter
of the CAUSELESS CAUSE is not possible.

And yet if we use the hints given in SECRET DOCTRINE on
Theosophical Metaphysics, we can give a tentative answer in terms
of universal and impersonal principles.

The first 300 page of Vol. I of The SECRET DOCTRINE attempts to
furnish us with this information and to supplement it the answers
BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH) , vol. 10 ] can put us on the

Let us see:

We cannot discover whether the hen or the egg first came into

We cannot discover the "beginning" of the Kosmic effort that has
brought forth the entire UNIVERSE, or even our small Solar

It can be presumed that they have had other embodiments before
this one, and if our minds will accept the concept, those
previous embodiments stretch back of an illimitable time-period.

>From this the concept of universal immortality, a continual
evolution towards an ever receding PERFECTION have been posited.

Even this PERFECTION has not been defined except in a vague way
by the sentence: "The purpose of Life is to learn. It is all
made up of learning."

You ask what is the need for a return to UNITY. From one point
of view we have never left it. UNITY FOREVER ENCOMPASSES ALL

But as we get to pass through experiences as we live so many
lives the record of those experiences is impacted for all
eternity in the Akasa, which is all around and in and through us
(Akasa is allied to Buddhi and, is the 7th aspect of the Astral
Light). Each MONAD adds the record of its experience to the
ever-growing Akasic record, in this sense after elevating the
monads of lesser experience to a higher level of intelligence
(where they reach the human stage of self-consciousness and
freedom of choice), our Higher Self sets out on a new pilgrimage
to elevate another set of Monads. This process is ever
repetitive. It is the ideal whereon Teaching is based.

One fact we can derive from experiment and observation is that
NATURE (the Universe) is supremely INTELLIGENT. It has in place
innumerable LAWS whereby the cooperation of its many departments
are intelligently and immediately answered. It sensitivity is
enormous, and encompasses both the small as the great. Both the
ancient as well as the modern, and presumably, the future.

Man is presumed to be free-willed. That free will derives from
the Mind. But it is the Real Man who considers alternatives and
chooses his course of action base on 1. Knowledge, 2. Desires
and hopes, and 3. his ignorance. Often the choices are rash and
the result of impatience. This may result in the breaking of
Natures Laws. This results in burdening the "little-lives," the
Monads under instruction that surround the MIND-MONAD, with false
impressions. Under such impulse they suffer along with the
victims selected by the Mind-Monad acting in error.

It is these lesser Monads, H.P.Blavatsky states which become the
bearers of our Karma, good or bad. Later when they return to us
they bring the full force of the errors we might have impressed
on the and under law they demand that we redress this. [ H P B
explains this in her article TRANSMIGRATION OF THE LIFE ATOMS
U L T Edn. Vol. II p. 249; THEOSOPHIST, July. Aug 1883;
BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH) Vol. 5, p 110 ]

The Cyclic path is a learning experience. But it is not a closed
circle but is only a part of a never-ending spiral.

Our Incarnation as a spiritual being into the "flesh" of a
physical form is a sacrificial action made by the HIGHER SELF --
ATMA. It resolved aeons ago to help all Monads to raise
themselves to its condition and state. If there is any
resistance and annoyance in us to this process, the we can trace
it to the personal ideal of our Kamic nature (desires and
passions). It is these especially that we have under training
for the present cycle.

No doubt there will be more questions on this, and if so let us
share them

Best wishes,



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From: R-----o Lx
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2001 11:12 AM
Subject: Reason for causeless cause -- final Goal of evolution

Dear Dallas,

Is it possible that the 'cause without a cause', through its
manifestations (i.e. the nights and the days of Brahma) is
in a learning
process itself? If so, that would be "the" learning process
of all learning processes.

This question I put forward, because in attempting to
understand the
meaning of suffering, pain, sadness, I still have not found
a sound

Yes, we are told by the yogis, by HPB and by other
theosophists that it
is part of a cyclical path (i.e. we somehow emanate from The
One as
manifest particles, and in our 'return' to the Unity(*),
tread a path of
learning which 'comes with' or implies these growing pains,

To me, this means that The One is itself "learning", itself
in a
journey towards "perfection". Otherwise, the sheer existence
concept of "pain" would NOT BE.


Regards and best wishes to you and all on the study list.

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