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RE: Nagarjuna and Theosophy

Jan 27, 2001 02:29 AM
by dalval14

January 26, 2002

Dear Gerry:

Should it not be MUKTISASTIKA ?

Mukti implies "freedom from," or "deliverance from" the sentient
life -- it makes a candidate for MOKSHA ( Theos. Glossary pp.
218, 216) The great Nagarjuna (223 - ? B. C. ) seems to me to
have dwelt on doing the best we could in terms of idealism and
basic motive, so that we would free ourselves of KARMA -- which
attached the EGO to the wheel of samsara. The Jains have the
same approach. First taught the Amitabha doctrine and
represented the Mahayana School -- considered to be a
Bodhisattva-Nirmanakaya - went to China and converted the country
to Buddhism.

A Nirmanakaya may be the state of a Bodhisattva as a condition
(or state) of continuous consciousness after the death of the
physical body. It is a choice of continued assistance to the
world in preference to the DHARMAKAYA BODY which is adopted when
one enters NIRVANA and cuts off contact with the World of Sorrow
we all live in. (Theos. Gloss. P. 231, 100,

Another important reference in the Theos. Glos. is on p. 338
TRIKAYA. And, on Pp. 341 - 344 on TRIRATNA and TRISHARNA might
also be worth reading also.

Best wishes,



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"Those who do not see reality believe in samsara and
nirvana, [but] those who see reality believe in neither."
[Nagarjuna in his Yuktisastika]

Theosophically, Nagarguna says that the Self, the Ego,
the atma-buddhi and so on are all relatively real but
ultimately unreal.

Now, Nagarjuna was not Blavatsky, and so the fact that
Theosophists hold tightly to some absolute realities
is neither here nor there.

The primary (though not the only) difference between
my worldview and that of Dallas is that Dallas is an
absolutist and I am not. I think that this pretty well
sums it all up, and explains 90% of the differences
between our views. It also explains much about how
I interpret Theosophy - I think HPB understood and
agreed with ol' Nagarjuna, but prefered to simply
hint about while discoursing on Sutras, which
everyone could understand.

Jerry S.

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