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Re: Theos-World Evernet

Jan 26, 2001 03:20 PM
by teos9

In a message dated 1/26/2001 12:41:04 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Dear Louis
> While all you say is well taken, the practicality is that as we progress in
> time, we tend to use better tools to help us -- everyone of us.

Hi Mark,

A few thoughts that come to mind regarding your reply to my observations of 
your e-mail about the Evernet. 

Let me say from the outset that I agree about the "POTENTIAL" for human 
advancement using the best of cutting edge technologies. What I am not so 
certain of, is the use of such technologies without the corresponding 
enlightened and intuitive resources that should accompany them. Indeed, 
given the cyclic rise and fall of the great root races, sub races and 
civilizations within those forms, it would seem that the continued misuse of 
the tools for the potential good of humanity, lies at the heart of such great 
societal collapses and the need for starting over. 

>>In the days
of old, long before printing was invented, techniques of recording material
were different - such as scrolls, palm leaves, etc. World wide access and
distribution was not easy, to say the least. All that changed with
printing. Reproduction and distribution was easier and cheaper compared to
earlier technology. So when works like SD were put in print, "spiritual"
material was more easily accessible and distributable. Now comes Internet
and Evernet. A normal evolution which dramatically enhances access and
distribution. Same could be said about communication as well - telephones,
faxes etc. Same with transportation -- by foot, using horses and other
animals, dune buggy, bicycles, autos, ships, airplanes. Each of these
supercede and unhesitatingly used to make efficient use of ones time in
whatever pursuit one is engaged in. When we fall sick, we all use the best
that is available in modern medicine to keep us healthy.<<

Agreed. However, one must not overlook the possibility that the 
"unhesitating" use of a technological advancement simply because "we can," 
without a corresponding sensitivity toward our karmic legacy could bring more 
problems than solutions. From a karmic point of view, suffering can be 
instructive, necessary and intended. I give you the present state of world 
affairs. With all the technological capability available to us today, the 
HUMAN CONDITION is far from being resolved. For me, it's a question of 
priorities and prime directives. I suggest that until the problems of 
humanity are met and dealt with in an equitable manner, reflective of the 
enlightened and compassionate sensitivity of our higher nature, the tendency 
to misuse technological advancement will continue. In your example above, one 
could easily find uses of a darker nature for each of those so called 
"Developments" The "look" of progress, is not always the same thing, as the 
"fact" of progress.

>>I do not see why any organization - theosophical or spiritual or business
should not avail itself of all the tools that modern age provides us and it
in no way diminishes the value of any spiritual truth. <<

Of Course not Mark but that is just the point. Have these organizations 
developed the facility for perceiving and manifesting the "value" of those 
"spiritual truths?" Should that not come first, before rushing headlong into 
the seductive arms of such a vast toyland? Humanity is constantly being 
tested as to it's readiness for entering the next level of development. The 
tests are many, not the least of which is the offering of a Quantum leap, in 
the use of power. Without a corresponding development of wisdom and 
compassion, taking such a leap could bring evolutionary setbacks of a most 
dramatic kind. Let me be clear. I am not "ANTI" technology. I am "PRO" 
cautious development. I am as excited by the PROMISE that these new 
breakthroughs offer, as anyone. I would just like to see more evidence that 
the human family is ready, at the level of consciousness, to enter the next 

>> I yet to see anyone give a reasonable explanation why Internet/Evernet 
cannot improve or help the fundamental objects of any and all organizations. 

Internet/Evernet and all future discoveries are the tools that CAN get us 
there. That is not in question. It is the US part of the equation that is in 
question. Are our hearts and minds, our desires and intents, pure enough that 
the use of such powerful gifts will always be in the best interests of the 
many, instead of the best interests of the few? That seems to be the real 
question before us at this time.


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