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Re: Theos-World Evernet

Jan 25, 2001 09:35 PM
by ramadoss

Dear Louis

While all you say is well taken, the practicality is that as we progress in
time, we tend to use better tools to help us -- everyone of us. In the days
of old, long before printing was invented, techniques of recording material
were different - such as scrolls, palm leaves, etc. World wide access and
distribution was not easy, to say the least. All that changed with
printing. Reproduction and distribution was easier and cheaper compared to
earlier technology. So when works like SD were put in print, "spiritual"
material was more easily accessible and distributable. Now comes Internet
and Evernet. A normal evolution which dramatically enhances access and
distribution. Same could be said about communication as well - telephones,
faxes etc. Same with transportation -- by foot, using horses and other
animals, dune buggy, bicycles, autos, ships, airplanes. Each of these
supercede and unhesitatingly used to make efficient use of ones time in
whatever pursuit one is engaged in. When we fall sick, we all use the best
that is available in modern medicine to keep us healthy.

I do not see why any organization - theosophical or spiritual or business
should not avail itself of all the tools that modern age provides us and it
in no way diminishes the value of any spiritual truth. While any and all of
them in themselves can lead no one to enlightenment or divine wisdom, the
genius is using each and every available tool to help individuals discover
themselves and make for a better humanity. I yet to see anyone give a
reasonable explanation why Internet/Evernet cannot improve or help the
fundamental objects of any and all organizations. With the current younger
generation grow up with the modern technological tools, when they take helm
of the affairs of all organizations, surely we will see more extensive use
of these tools by these organizations, since most current leaders grew up
in pre-computer era there could be great difficulty in their comprehending
and coming up with creative approaches in using modern technology since
they are wedded to the older tools and most of them are wedded to hard
copy. Time will tell, whether sticking to older tools will allow them to
even survive in the long term or even in the near term.

In a message dated 1/24/2001 8:16:32 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> I posted the msg below in 6/1999 and re-read it when it was found by one of
> the search engines. May be it is interesting to revisit after 18 months and
> see what is happening.
> The broadband led by cable and dsl is becoming a reality. Distribution of
> material -- all kinds -- written, spoken, music, video is taking place by
> what Napster has done. This is going to continue fueled by the broadband
> access. So the silent information revolution is going on everyday, much
> fueled by interested innovative individuals rather than multinational
> corporations always with an eye on making a buck.
> "Spiritual" organizations -- including theosophical -- seem to continue to
> follow the old model - does not seem to be at the forefront of internet
> revolution. So if the current trend continues, what is the role of these
> organizations in the long run? Good question for each one of us to ponder
> and questions also rise as to the effectiveness of funding old-model
> operations. 
> Very interesting to watch further developments.
> Any comments?

Hello Mark,

Assuming one agrees that Theosophy ought to be classified as a "Spiritual 
Organization" it does not follow that it should join the mindless race to 
extreme technological development.

Esoteric philosophy groups, whose underlying nature embody the wisdom 
traditions, are by definition on a different evolutionary time scale. The 
need to partake of all the fifth ray bells and whistles that are found in the 
outer world, should not be so quickly embraced by such TRUTH seeking 
organizations. Wisdom, has it's own pacing and keeps it's own counsel. It 
accumulates through synthesis, all of humanities progress as well as it's 
mistakes. Time, is what is required to grow the higher human characteristic 
known as wisdom. That's why we have so much of it on the physical plane. 



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