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A Mahatma of the Circle

Nov 18, 2000 04:56 PM
by Nick Weeks

These are a few extracts from an old 1893 letter from BK Lahiri reprinted in ECHOES FROM THE ORIENT, vol. 3 430-32.
KB, a Brahman yogi, knew little about HPB or the TS when he went to the Himalayas.  In a snow-covered and impassable cave he met a Mahatma.  The Mahatma communicated the following to KB:  "The TS was their [the Mahatmas] work; it was established to change the present current of the human mind and destroy Nastikism [materialistic atheism], to save the seed of the fifth race - the Aryan; -  that he was present when HPB was sent by her Master from the Manasarovara Hills in Tibet; that the latter ... was sent to carry out the work of the Mahatmas; -- that she was very high up there is not the least doubt, that he himself was one of the Circle, although not so high as the Guru of HPB..."
After returning from his inspiring visit the yogi was no longer lukewarm about HPB or the TS.  "I like to worship the portrait of HPB; no one has done so much good for humanity, especially for India, after Buddha and Shankaracharya in his reincarnation..."
Whether Art changes his mind or not, I do not care.  But if you are new to Theosophy please keep in mind that the Gurus of Blavatsky were, and are, flesh and blood.

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