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Re: Theos-World Proven right or wrong

Nov 18, 2000 02:48 PM
by Compiler


May I suggest that you "reply" to the entire message, or at least the whole
paragraph, that you lifted the below very small hanging-alone piece of mine
that you copied, so that it all shows. This way the whole thing is in
context, to be considered by everyone. It wasn't very long to begin with
and dealt with a fairly important theosophic topic. I may be wrong, but I
think you would offer the readers something of much more substance to
contemplete that was more in context, than the few selected isolated words
that you used under my name, to make your point. Just offered as something
to think about.


Shampan -e-Shindh wrote:

> --- In, Compiler <compiler@w...> wrote:
> > Theosophic statement, assuming that it is true, until proven
> otherwise,
> What can proven wrong today, can be proven otherwise tomorrow.
> -Sham
> (plenty of examples in the past, so I a bit brave on this one<grin>)

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