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RE: Theos-World HPB's Masters as "shadowy beings"

Nov 18, 2000 04:01 PM
by Peter Merriott

An extract from "An Open Letter to Madame Blavatsky"
by Rama Sourindo Gargya Deva

... I come to the consideration of positive proofs required by the
Spiritualists from us to demonstrate to them the actual existence of our
Masters. We can offer them no better one than the fact of some us (the

The disinclination of the Mahatmas to convince the world of their existence,
and the reasons for such disinclination have been sufficiently explained by
Mr. Sinnett in his OCCULT WORLD and ESOTERIC BUDDHISM. Hence all the
CHELAS, who know their Masters, and others, who know - but are forbidden to
take the public into their confidence - can be expected to do is to declare
what they know. In cases on the right decision of which human lives are at
stake, no better evidence is required. But facts, though stubborn, are also
double edged, and I shall not be surprised if some wise man of the West,
eager to emulate the memorable feat of the French Abbe who conclusively
disproved the existence of Napolean I, and showed his history to be only a
solar myth, should come forward and, shaking their logical kaleidoscope,
rearrange the whole thing. But it is not to such superb genuises I address
myself. The testimony I now put forward is intended for those whose
spiritual faculties are sufficiently developed to allow their taking
advantage of the well-proven existence of the Mahatmas.

Yes; I most emphatically declare that the holy Sages of the snowy range -
the Blessed Himalayan Mahatmas - do exist and GURUDEVA K.H., has this one
point in common with his presumptious critics of the West, that he is a
living man as they. I have lived with Him and some of us, CHELAS, whose
names from time to time appear in your journal, still live under their
protection and in their abodes. I, the writer, am one of the priveleged.

But, when the time comes for me to have the right of imparting for the
benefit of the world, a portion of what I have learned, I shall not forget
the treatment of my beloved Master at the hands of your Occidental would-be
Brahmans, the wise acres who think they know so much when they know so
little. Nor are the present events calculated to make ANY Hindu CHELA
anxious to share his knowledge with Europeans.

Rama Sourindo Gargya Deva, Darjiling, November, 1883
(from "The Mahatmas and their Letters", G. Barborka. Italicised words
placed in CAPS)

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