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Re: Theos-World RE: Response to Dallas [ and return to you Nov 15 ]

Nov 18, 2000 11:26 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 11/17/00 8:44:08 AM, writes:

(Gerry Scheuler)
>>>MONAD, to my understanding is (T. Glos. P. 216) : "...the
>unified triad, Atma-Buddhi-Manas, or the duad, Atma-Buddhi, that
>immortal part of man which reincarnates in the lower kingdoms,
>and gradually progresses through them to Man, and then to the
>final goal -- Nirvana." [ In several places in the SD she
>repeats this definition and adds to it.]<<
>Look, I agree that the above is Blavatsy's definition. I have
>also stated many times that it is both wrong and misleading
>because a monad is defined by Liebnitz (who coined the term)
>as something that cannot be divided - a non-aggregate.
>Theosophical terminology is terribly out of wack. The usage
>of "monad" for compounds is both wrong and misleading, and
>I can only assume that Blavatsky and her followers did this
>because there was no other English words that fit. What is
>really meant by Atma-Buddhi-Manas is monad-like or relatively
>monadic but not monad per se. 

If the word "Monad" (as coined by Leibnitz) is defined as an "undivided 
entity in itself," then it could be possible that the "Monad" that HPB speaks 
of as "Atma-Buddhi-Manas" may be perfectly consistent with that definition. 
Monad is actually a word extension of the suffix mono-; one; separate; alone, 
etc, and could very well be applied to the "three-in-one" triad of higher 
principles in man that separates as a unity from the lower principles at 
death, and remains inseparable in itself throughout a Manvantara, or cycle of 

Referring to the seven fold nature of Man; It's the "higher Trinity" 
(representing "Consciousness" or Spirit) , that is indissoluble in any 
overall cycle of Manifestation -- while the "lower Trinity" (representing 
phenomenal Substance or Matter) dissipates after its limited sub-cycle of 
existence. Note that its the primal central point and its surrounding field, 
Kama (representing Will or Desire) that supports and maintains the 
surrounding fields to the extent of their relative cyclic existence's. (This 
is directly related to their relative energy level, as well as their 
corresponding field frequency phase or range -- which become lower as they 
become more dense.) 

To demonstrate the necessity of this essential trinity (and derived 
septenary) in all natural forms of "space"; For the initial emanative Ray 
("Light," "Word") that forms the first primal field of Cosmic manifestation 
to be (as taught by HPB) "Triune in nature" (e.g. Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva; 
Spirit, Mahat, Fohat; Mulaprakriti, Perusha, Prakriti; or, on corresponding 
and analogous lower planes, Spirit, Soul, Body; Atma, Buddhi, Manas; Prana, 
Astral, Physical; etc.; etc.) -- the endless and beginningless circular path 
of that Ray, from its ineffable laya (zero) point source to its outer 
circumference and back to its source, must occur in three integral and 
coadunate cycles. This is an absolute requirement of cyclic law in order to 
complete a perfect balance of forces ("super symmetry" and "conservation of 
energy") that can "eternally" maintain a TRIUNE multiplicity that is a 
complete UNITY as well as a composite ENTITY -- in and of itself. 

Therefore, the path such a primal "Ray" must twist through "Space" in order 
to fulfill the above requirements of super symmetry and conservation of 
energy, can be shown to be as follows: 

Note, that all spatial directions (described here as if they were limited to 
a single flat plane) are purely symbolical and arbitrary, referring simply to 
directional opposites... And, that all described circles formed by that ray 
can be transmogrified into spheres -- by imagining the expansion of 
fundamental "spin" emanating from any zero-point, as occurring simultaneously 
in all 6 directions of 3-dimensional Space.

1) The primal "Ray," in its first cycle, is forcefully (centrifugally) 
repulsed (emanates, radiates) outward from its initial "zero (laya) point" in 
a positive (upward) clockwise direction -- guided and controlled by its 
primal energy source's "right hand spin" along with the "attractive" 
(centripetal) force of the zero (laya) point -- and continues halfway around 
it's outer circumference's maximum extension (Brahma or "ring pass not") in a 
negative (downward) direction. 

2) Then, in its second cycle, after reaching its lowest negative point of 
circumferential travel, it is attracted upward and back through its center to 
be again repulsed outward in a counterclockwise direction, guided by its 
energy source's left hand spin, to complete the positive (upper) inner 
circumference (Vishnu). 

3) And finally, in its third cycle it must continue, in a negative 
counterclockwise direction, still guided and driven by its energy source's 
left hand spin and the attractive force of the zero (laya) point, to complete 
the outer circumference (Brahma) and return to its zero (laya) point center 
to complete the negative (lower) inner circumference (Shiva). 

{Note that these dual inner circles -- the "positive" field of potential 
consciousness, and the "negative field of potential "substance" -- being 
given circumferential spinergy in both clockwise and counterclockwise 
directions, are similarly linked to their own inner zero-point centers that 
are, in turn, linked to the initial cosmic laya point through their inherent 
nature of having no spatial dimension, and being "everywhere," 
simultaneously, in eternal "duration" and "coadunation."} 

To visualize this, see, the symbolical Universal field diagram at:
This structure indicates how such a ray, to be continually self replicating 
in order to maintain the primal field's integrity throughout the entire cycle 
of Cosmic or Manvantara existence, must always consist of, in essence, three 
coadunate fields in an inseparable unity. 

Therefore, it is obvious that no entity can exist in any universe (that, 
fundamentally, consists of nothing more than cyclic energy fields of varying 
degrees of substantiality), unless such fields are of a triune nature that is 
analogous to and corresponds with the initial primary field structure of the 
Cosmos. ("As above so below")

As shown by the evolution of the initial Cosmic field unity into an infinite 
series of inner fields, like bubbles within bubbles within buddles, etc. 
(each of a similar 3 cycle nature) -- the initial triune Cosmic nature 
evolves to a seven fold nature in its second transformation, and a 14 fold 
inner nature in its next, which, is the completion of the first three logoic 
cycles. This process corresponds to the formula in the Book of Dzyan, "The 
Three, the One, the Four, the One, the Five, the twice Seven, the sum Total." 

It follows, then, that there can be no such thing as a singular or isolated 
field structure originating from any zero or laya point in the manifest 
universe, that can exist all by itself... i.e. Without containing an integral 
dual inner nature that supports its outer nature and links it to its laya 
center origin. 

Therefore -- since Atma, or "the manifest Spirit in Man," (linked directly to 
the manifest Spirit of the Solar System) cannot exist without such a dual 
inner nature -- to speak of the human monad, consisting of Atma, Buddhi, 
Manas as being an entity in itself, by the nature of their having the same 
initial zero point of origin, is perfectly justifiable and consistent. How 
could Manas or Buddhi exist independent of Atma? And how can that Trinity 
exist independent of the Solar Logos (and its dual inner fields of noumenal 
consciousness and noumenal matter)? 

So. when HPB speaks of the eternal "Monad" being Atma, Buddhi and Manas as a 
single unity in itself (with the understanding that "eternal" means only the 
duration of a complete "Cycle of Man" or Manvantara) she is apparently using 
the term, Monad, in its proper context. 

I hope this helps clarify some of our misconceptions of the true (lawful) 
nature of reality based on fundamental principles, and helps us better 
understand the metaphysical teachings laid down, in the "language of her 
age," by HPB in the Secret Doctrine. (Ref: SD-I, Proem, p14)


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