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Re: Abstract thinking

Nov 07, 2000 07:57 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

Thanks, Jack.

I like your answer very much. Nick, from the theosophy list, simply wrote:

There is so much evidence for re-incarnation. Good scientists will not even
look at the evidence. The idea that we can live awful lives and then just
before death accept a savior and be redeemed is ridiculed by materialists as
magical thinking. This is understandable. They don't understand that
forgiveness doesn't erase karma! Then their belief: that one can live an
awful life and then die, deader than a doornail and suffer no consequences,
is their religious conviction! Which is more magical?! The first is
rational if understood. The second is wishful thinking. Ah! Again! The
death wish.

Perhaps not only do the practical things in life seem more practical and of
a greater priority but to think abstractly is to think of death. What is
death? I'm around dead people eight hours a day, five days a week. I don't
feel nor do I think that the materialist religion has a clue as to what
death is. Death is an abstraction! And. Weirdly, what could be more
practical, what could be more material to our understanding of life, than
the understanding of death. Many can honor both the practical and the
abstract aspects of life. Why do people choose to know only the practical
and reject or kill out the abstract? What is the true meaning of the
Oedipus myth? Perhaps Freud was being too materialistic in his
interpretation. Such materialistic mis-interpretation, such phallicism, can
not help but make matter's worse. To be doomed to know the Mother and kill
the Father, certainly there is a more accurate and abstract interpretation
of the proclamation of the Oracle of Delphi. Are we trapped in the
practical world by our literal interpretations of the the myths given out to
us by those who love us and would help us?


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Sent: Monday, November 06, 2000 3:56 PM
Subject: Re: Abstract thinking

> Esoteric Science
> Gene ; I would prefer to simplify it to those who choose between the
> material and the transpersonal-spiritual. I remember a 2 hour conversation
> I had with a young man years ago where he followed me deeply into the
> spiritual. Suddenly he said STOP! Then explained "I know I have to do this
> one day but I have to make my way in this world first."
> Christ consciousness abides in all of us. People fear the abstract because
> they sense-intuit that their house of cards, built on materialism, will
> tumble, never realising that their reality is a false ABSTRACTION.
> Babbling from this abstraction. love jr
> At 11:57 AM 11/6/00 -0800, you wrote:
> > Esoteric Science Dear Max, Good to hear from you, thanks. If
> >mind consists of a practical aspect and an abstract aspect it seems
> >difficult for one to have wholistic thought without both. It
> >relates to the mind/body problem; the subjective/objective world view
> >problem. I think this area might be a wise focus regarding esoteric
> >healing regarding all of humanity (rather than an individual.)
> >Corporate interests outweigh the potential benefit to humanity in
> >the transpersonal perspective to play a role in leading humanity?
> >This also seems to relate to the difficulties between women and men.
> >Sincerely, Gene ----- Original Message ----- From:
> > To: Esoteric Science Sent: Monday,
> >November 06, 2000 9:50 AM Subject: Re: Abstract thinking
> >Esoteric Science
> >At 08:12 AM 11/06/2000 -0800, you wrote:
> >>>>>
> >
> >>Esoteric Science
> >>
> >>There are those who can think abstractly and there are those who
> >>not.
> >>
> >>Of those who can think abstractly there are those who refuse to.
> >>
> >>Why?
> >>
> >
> >
> >>Dear Gene,
> >>
> >>In a sample large enough all possible combinations may occur: those
> >>who can think abstractly and don't refuse to do so, those who can
> >>but refuse, and so on.
> >>
> >>Is it what you meant? If so, is it statistically significant? Or
> >>you mean something more serious?
> >>
> >>Max
> >
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