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15 more articles added to Wisdom World

Nov 06, 2000 08:36 AM
by Compiler

In the past seven days 15 articles from THEOSOPHY magazine
have been finished in the area where seven series and
groupings of articles are always being worked on, with
the finished articles posted as they are done. None of
the seven have reached their end yet, so no new series
or grouping has begun to be worked on. But 12 additional
articles have been added to the grouping entitled:

The "Three Objects" of the Theosophical Movement

This brings the total number of articles in the grouping
up to 20 (8 are finished and these 12 will be worked on).

All of these articles are now a fairly-wide mix of categories
geared for everyone: investigators into science, religion, and
philosophy; historians; inquirers, newcomers, and more
experienced students at all levels -- including the very
scientifically-oriented ones (and the mix will steadily expand
and grow wider, deeper, and more diverse). Besides being
for all individual searchers for truth, by providing them with
much profound and informative Theosophical information
that will assist them in this, they are also geared to be
"Supplementary" reading and study material for participants
of various Theosophical study and discussion groups, classes
and forums, worldwide, such as, for instance, here on theos-talk.

As a fellow participant here, I hope you find them useful.


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