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Re: Abstract thinking

Nov 06, 2000 11:56 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

Dear Max,
Good to hear from you, thanks.
I meant something more serious.  If the mind consists of a practical aspect and an abstract aspect it seems difficult for one to have wholistic thought without both.
I have read that "Armagedon" refers to a future war to be waged on the mental plane perhaps a million years from now during the transition from the 5th root race into the 6th root race(race meaning stateof consciousness, not body type or ethnic background).  This means a transtition from when most people have become scientific and are shifting to the buddhic intuition. We are now in transition from the 5th subroot race into the 6th subroot race and are and will be experiencing a "little" armagedon within a lesser cycle.  It has to do with the concrete and practical mind being part of the personality and the abstract mind being part of the transpersonality and the dire need of building a bridge between these two minds via the Higher Self.  It relates to the mind/body problem; the subjective/objective world view problem.
I think this area might be a wise focus regarding esoteric healing regarding all of humanity (rather than an individual.)
Why do those who can think abstractly refuse to do so?  Personal reasons?  Corporate interests outweigh the potential benefit to humanity in allowing the transpersonal perspective to play a role in leading humanity?
There seems to be a division between the "Aristoteleans" and the "Platonics"  less so in Mathematics more so in Science.  Interesting.  Why?  This also seems to relate to the difficulties between women and men.
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Esoteric Science
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Esoteric Science

There are those who can think abstractly and there are those who can not.

Of those who can think abstractly there are those who refuse to.


Dear Gene,

In a sample large enough all possible combinations may occur: those who can think abstractly and don't refuseto do so, those who can but refuse, and so on.

Is it what you meant? If so, is it statistically significant? Or did you mean something more serious?


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