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Re: Theos-World Abstract thinking

Nov 07, 2000 07:32 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

The statement is in the form of a generalization. No statement as to
whether any particular individual can or can not think abstractlt can be
made with certainty.

Probably most, if not all non-human animals can not think abstractly.

Probably most human's that are not far removed from that of the non-human
animal kingdom cannot think abstractly.

Probably most emotionally polarized people who think
practically(concretely), minimally, can not think abstractly.

Probably many people who think mainly concretely cannot think abstractly.

Probably a few people who think very well concretely and practically can not
think abstractly.

As to a specific statement as to which one can't think abstractly. I can't
say for sure.

Can one say that every human being can think abstractly? I ask you.

At one time during my conscious developmental history I couldn't think
abstractly. When I almost killed myself by drinking a half gallon of Mogan
David wine and a six pack of Country Club Malt Liqueur, age 16, at that
time, I couldn't think abstractly.

It would be wonderful if every human being can think abstractly. Then the
question would be why don't they? They don't seem to. Maybe I'm wrong. I
would love to be wrong. That would be interesting to me to.

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> > Eugene Carpenter wrote:
> >
> > There are those who can think abstractly and there are those who can
> > not.
> Can you give me an example of someone who cannot?
> Bart Lidofsky

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