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RE: Theos-World Abstract thinking

Nov 07, 2000 12:06 PM
by Peter Merriott

"Few people think, but most people think they do." said Christmas


> Probably most, if not all non-human animals can not think abstractly.
> Probably most human's that are not far removed from that of the non-human
> animal kingdom cannot think abstractly.
> Probably most emotionally polarized people who think
> practically(concretely), minimally, can not think abstractly.
> Probably many people who think mainly concretely cannot think abstractly.
> Probably a few people who think very well concretely and
> practically can not
> think abstractly.
> As to a specific statement as to which one can't think
> abstractly. I can't
> say for sure.
> Can one say that every human being can think abstractly? I ask you.

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