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Re: Theos-World Re: About The Theosophical Movement

Oct 27, 2000 08:03 AM
by Nick Weeks

Kat is probably referring to Talbot Mundy, author of KING OF THE KHYBER
RIFLES; OM; OLD UGLY FACE and many more. I SAY SUNRISE was his philosophical
non-fiction book. He also wrote many articles on Theosophical themes for the
Tingley era magazines.

The "gentleman" is Emmett Small, now 97 years strong. My wife and I saw him
6 months ago -- not as spry as couple of years ago, but still a damn fine
theosophist. His Point Loma publications has a website at:



> Dear ARt -- When i was attempting to produce a spiritual novel by a writer
> who had written 100 adventure books but only one of them spiritual, I found
> he had lived at Pt. Loma for a time. I visited and made connection with
> the powers that were at Pt. Loma. The gentleman with whom I connected had
> been a young boy during K.Tingley's days. He said they had come round an
> outdoor fire every evening to "hear" the author read new material each
> night. Eventually Pt. Loma (under this gentleman's direction) had
> published their own edition of the book in question. They were so
> marvelous to deal with and of course the Lama in the book was possibly
> patterned after Katherine Tingley. It is a wonderful
> adventure-cum-spiritual story. Love from italy, Kat

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