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Re: Theos-World Re: About The Theosophical Movement

Oct 27, 2000 07:23 AM
by Maurício José Torino Ribeiro

> Hi,

Im Mauricio Ribeiro, brazilian born and citizen, and wanna to made
contact with some mental high degree institution on USA to developing a
engaging process with my 8 continuous years hearing and for 3 and half years
talking mediunity ability.
Unfortunatelly I am a dassie poor, but with my generalizated
sensitivity and full primary wisdow I believe to made a "pre overnyspreading"
analysis on any people who wanna do a conditional check up. My background are
had been written the Saga of Zolam, Memoirses of A Semi Schizophrenic Person,
Poesias Muito Especiais and Considerações Adicionais Seriamente Oportunas,
besides my History Graduation and had a brother who yet lived here in USA.
No more,
Good Enlightments and Entertainments,

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