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Theos-World Re: About The Theosophical Movement

Oct 27, 2000 06:24 AM
by Kathleen Arc

Dear ARt -- When i was attempting to produce a spiritual novel by a writer
who had written 100 adventure books but only one of them spiritual, I found
he had lived at Pt. Loma for a time. I visited and made connection with 
the powers that were at Pt. Loma. The gentleman with whom I connected had
been a young boy during K.Tingley's days. He said they had come round an
outdoor fire every evening to "hear" the author read new material each
night. Eventually Pt. Loma (under this gentleman's direction) had
published their own edition of the book in question. They were so
marvelous to deal with and of course the Lama in the book was possibly
patterned after Katherine Tingley. It is a wonderful
adventure-cum-spiritual story. Love from italy, Kat

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