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Thanks Kat and Happy Divali!

Oct 27, 2000 02:10 PM
by arthra999

Thanks Kat for the letter!

Have a Happy Divali!!

That was a great story as well... I recently came across OM 
Valley and hope to read it! 

In our area we had at one time a fairly good representation on 
theosophists and I recall several volumns in our public library 
with the archetect drawings of Point Loma... very advanced for 
their time... 

I attended some TS meetings as a teenager with my friends... I 
also took a correspondence course on one of the tomes of 
Perucher. They do a good job I think.

Tonight I'm visited a local Hindu temple for Divali as some 
Hindus in my Yoga class invited me....

The priest there taught me Sanscrit for a year or so.... but I was 
so old and slow at it I think it was pouring water over a stone! 
But I do read the Devanagri still and can read a dictionary 
Sanscrit-English so all was not for naught...

Divali sound a little lto me like La Pasada in Mexico... Peopel go 
from house to house with candles asking for room for the Christ 
child... only in India it's Lakshmi and an Owl and candles... a 
victory over a deamon Rakshasa,or such (maybe someone will 
explain this...)then there's the Mahasamadhi of Lord Mahavira 
observed by Jains on the same holiday.

- Art Gregory

--- In, Kathleen Arc <KArc@c...> wrote:
> Dear ARt -- When i was attempting to produce a spiritual novel 
by a writer
> who had written 100 adventure books but only one of them 
spiritual, I found
> he had lived at Pt. Loma for a time. I visited and made 
connection with 
> the powers that were at Pt. Loma. The gentleman with whom I 
connected had
> been a young boy during K.Tingley's days. He said they had 
come round an
> outdoor fire every evening to "hear" the author read new 
material each
> night. Eventually Pt. Loma (under this gentleman's direction) 
> published their own edition of the book in question. They were 
> marvelous to deal with and of course the Lama in the book 
was possibly
> patterned after Katherine Tingley. It is a wonderful
> adventure-cum-spiritual story. Love from italy, Kat

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