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Re: Jaina Dharma and Anekantavada:

Oct 24, 2000 11:58 PM
by arthra999

Thanks for note Kat and enjoyed your comment:

It is a very tricky high wire act so as
> not to fall into the holes between the net -- this study of 
> which changes one internally and does not then become the 
next One True
> Faith. Most of us have deep psychology to wrestle with before 
we are clear
> enough to study without prejudice. 

That pretty much says it for me as well.

I was impressed that according to the Jains manner of 
discourse varieties of perception and truth were incorporated 
and accepted. This is an ideal of course, but ideals can be 
models for us and that is their value.

There are some other variations on this theme from other 

The Baha'is have what is called "consultation" in which each 
person is allowed to contribute and be heard... the opinions are 
then shared and brought out into the open... without 
condemnation. Finally a process of decision may or may not 
take place.

The Society of Friends (Hicksite-Silent Meeting variety) can only 
make decisions as a body with the full unanaimous consent of 
every member. I have seen this put into practise as a member of 
a small Friends Meeting some forty years ago. It was actually 
quite effective. The Friends of this particular variety are known for 
a fairness and sensitivity that is extremely rare in today's society.

- Art Gregory


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