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Theos-World Jaina Dharma and Anekantavada:

Oct 24, 2000 08:59 AM
by Kathleen Arc

Dear Art Gregory -- I love the Rhadakrishnan quote: "COOPERATION, not
IDENTIFICATION". All that we identify with, we "eat" and then in digesting
it, we "spew" it back as gospel. It is a very tricky high wire act so as
not to fall into the holes between the net -- this study of philosophy
which changes one internally and does not then become the next One True
Faith. Most of us have deep psychology to wrestle with before we are clear
enough to study without prejudice. If we are to learn anything from an
Eastern or Trans-Himalayan philosophical systemization of "As Above, So
Below" is to learn what perhaps Tibetan Buddhists might say, "the
proper study of mankind is Man"...not G*d. Because we know nothing of G*d.

I really value this e-group because of the clear-mindedness that keeps
coming forward. Thank you all, Kat in Italy

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