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Our picture of reality.

Oct 24, 2000 09:42 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

Let us not get confused concerning Realityand our picture of Reality.  We are all working together as artists and scientists to atune to the creative will of perfected humanity to discover the group-conscious picture of reality.  As the picture increasingly dawnson each one of us we are brought into a happy and adventurous conflict: our personal picture vs the group-consciousness picture.
Zero as been symbolized throughout the many years  sometimes as a point and sometimes as a circle(or chakra).  With the help of the mathematicians, artists and scientists we have learned that we can not picture a mathematical point with any certainty.  We can tighten the circle of certainty towards the central point evermore but have learned that there is a limit due to our "uncertainty".  This leaves us with an unimaginable point within the limits of our imagination.  The circumference is the presence of the limit.  The area of the circle is the unknowable.  This is the end of our picture of zero . . . .and the beginning of our picture of Reality.   The unknowable draws us forward like moths to a Flame.

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