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Reading Leadbeater's "The Life after Death"

Oct 25, 2000 01:19 AM
by arthra999

I recently read C. W. Leadbeater's Life after Death and found it 
extremely well done.

He writes in a way that presents truths in a rather timeless way 
about how to regard death and the deceased. It is generally 
positive as well and encouraging.

He delineates the effects of the views of traditional Churches on 
deceased souls as well as the customs of mourning for the 

I also felt he gave some excellent recommendations regarding 
Helping the Dead. He felt that uncontrolled grief was 
harmful...He wrote:

"everyone knows some case of sorrow or distress, whetehr 
among the living or the dead does not matter; if you know such a 
case, take it into your mind when you lie down to sleep, and 
resolve as soon as you are free from this body to go to that 
person and endeavor to comfort well assured that your 
resolve will not be fruitless..."

- Arthur Gregory


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